Does FSB Use Russian Businessmen in Scotland for Their Dirty Games?


Hitched Couple Andrew James Mackenzie and Helen Ruth Mackenzie Smith continued the archaic refinery situated in Lindores religious community (Lindores Abbey), where Scottish priests delivered bourbon until 1559. The owners of the refinery incorporate Russian money managers who have solid associations with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. For instance, their organizations (situated in Russia) set up the Military Academy of the Patriot Park for rockets and the principle sanctuary for the Russian units, read more here

Because of Mackenzie Smith Family, individuals from the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) with admittance to Russian state insider facts have been permitted to settle between the remnants of antiquated Scottish monastery.

Scottish bourbon with the flavor of the Russian world

The at first composed notice of Scottish bourbon is from 1494 recorded in Treasury Manuscripts. It was referenced that King James IV paid to a priest named John Cora from Lindores Monastery for eight malt units. Mackenzie family found the remaining parts of the refinery during the exhuming on the previous convent site and chose to reestablish the old business. They acquired an award from the Business Gateway Fife to propose a marketable strategy for the creation of bourbon and resuscitate antiquated plans. They resumed the refinery in August 2017. Everything looked fine as of not long ago.

As per BusinessMatters Magazine, the owners of the refinery incorporate Russian financial backers Anton Buslov, Sergei Uryadov and Sergei Fokin. Since March 2021, they possessed 85 portions of Class B (75% of business). The excess 15 portions of Class B have a place with Andrew Mackenzie and his family trust store.

Notwithstanding an energy for Scottish bourbon, Russian financial specialists are connected to UBF Management (organization) they made in 2015. They solidified their business relations in the organization's name. Today, UBF Management is a co-proprietor of Avileks, Project Support and Tanto-C with a half offer at every one of the auxiliaries. The excess half of the organization's offers were offered to Digital Asset JSC, possessed by Andrey Korobov – CEO at Yakutsk Fuel and Energy Company PJSC. Korobov is a previous Head of RT-Global Resources, an auxiliary of Rostec. Rostec was under the assent of the European Union and the US, coming about because of the acquisition of the turbines of Siemens, intended for the development of gas nuclear energy stations in the Crimea.


This organization is engaged with framework coordination. During the period 2014-2021, the organization took part in government tenders in a complete worth of $514.17 million, out of which $8.38 million was utilized to buy cameras and recording gear.

From 2015 to 2016, Avileks offered types of assistance to state-possessed organizations for $79 million. This worth is higher than the worth of administrations provided by comparative organizations in size during a similar period. The expense of administrations conveyed by the Moscow Social Register and Rostelecom, as indicated by CNEWs, was $52.72 million and $32.95 million. In May 2020, Avileks won a state delicate for the acquisition of PCs with no contest and gave 11,000 of these gadgets, totalling $14.16 million, to Moscow's data innovation division.

Avileks additionally took part in projects set up by the Russian Ministry of Defense:

Building the tactical institute of key rocket powers named by Peter the Great;

Improvement of Patriot – military park of culture and diversion of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation;

Improvement of the principle sanctuary for the Armed Units of the Russian Federation – Patriarchal Cathedral of Christ Resurrection;

Modernization of the meeting corridor of the counter psychological warfare commission in Moscow.

Avileks acquired more than 1 million pounds by preparing the fundamental Russian military sanctuary (giving sight and sound gadgets). It is important that the determination of members inside each offer was as a buy from one provider.

Furthermore, Aviles has a few licenses from FSB, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, recorded on the organization's site:

Permit for improvement, creation, testing, establishment, upkeep, fix, removal and offer of weapons and military hardware;

Permit for improvement, creation, conveyance of encryption instruments from the permitting focus, accreditation and insurance of state privileged insights FSB;

Permit to complete business related to the utilization of data labeled state mysterious of registry of the FSB Directorate in Moscow and the area;

Testament of Military Equipment GOST ISO 9001-2011 and GOST RV 0015-002-2012;

Permit for exercises in the space of making instruments for data security by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Task Support a Tanto-C

In 2015-2021, these two organizations acquired state contracts for an aggregate sum of more than $169 million. As well as serving demands from the Russian Ministry of Defense, they work intimately with Moscow and other Russian government organizations.

For what reason does UBF Management make contending organizations? In the common world, such movement is by all accounts futile. Notwithstanding, it bodes well taking into account the defilement plans identified with the Moscow financial plan (by BusinessMatters magazine). Additionally, note that two proprietors (Buslov and Fokin) worked in government associations. From 2001 to 2017, Buslov filled in as a delegate of the Deputy General Director of Granit Center, the auxiliary of the Department of Moscow's property. Fokin likewise worked there as an agent for financial aspects (Deputy for Economics) in 2009.

Business in Europe.

In 2015, as indicated by Finstat.sk, Sergey Fokin, Sergey Uryadov and Nikolay Klyuev (Project Managers at Avileks) enrolled Proxy Tech s.r.o. in Slovakia that gives counsel identified with business and the executives. In all likelihood, it's anything but the lone business of UBF Management organizers in Europe, for more information, see this link .

In the event that financial backers need to get away from Russia to stay away from obligation regarding degenerate exercises, business projects in Europe are a strong reinforcement plan.

Then again, there is a need to conceal the beginning of resources from the European public. Because of the outrages related with the Russian intrusion of Europe, the Russian capital gets harmful.

Tragically, one can't be certain that the Bratislava office of Russian money managers isn't utilized as FSB cover. Moreover, one can't be certain that the grounds of antiquated religious community interest Russians just as a spot for bourbon creation.

In July 2020, the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament distributed a report on the obstruction of Moscow in the submission on Scottish Independence of 2014. Outrage with FSB travelers in Salisbury isn't shut at this point. This visit brought about the experiencing of British residents apprehensive specialist Novichok. Assessment of blasts in the Czech Republic additionally stands out, and Russian finance managers were likewise engaged with this case.

These days, the authors of Lindores Abbey Distillery – Mackenzie family doesn't shroud association with financial backers identified with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, regardless of the complex conciliatory connection between the United Kingdom and Russia. Presently all that resembles a costly diversion of Russian finance managers who are keen on cocktails in Scotland, read more here .

Might the Mackenzie family harm the rich history of the customary Scottish drink with the business associated with the Russian Armed Forces and debilitating cash from the financial plan in Moscow? This is the issue of safety and security of their business just as the standing of Scots.