List of cycles

Atomic clock – calendar – Chinese calendar – Computus – Diwali – Ephemeris time – Herz – intellectual history of time – Julian date – season - sixty-year cycle


1.1. Planetary cycles. Astronomical cycles. (Астрономические циклы)
Astronomy and the CNO cycle – Eclipse cycle – Eclipse – full moon cycle – galactic year – Great year – lunar phase – Mesoamerican calendars – the Metonic cycle – Milankovitch cycles – Mira – Moon – nutation of the orbit-orbital period – Saros cycle – the Sothic cycle – secularism – sidereal year – sunspot tide – tropical year

1.2. Planetary cycles. Climate and weather cycles. (Климат и погодные циклы)
Of animal migration – avalanche – carbon cycle – climate change – climate change and agriculture – climate models – climate variability – the-clock of the long now – ecology – El niño / La niña – the endometrium – environmental geography – global cooling – global warming – historical temperature record – Ice age – the transhumance cycles of Milankovitch – monsoon – Pleistocene – season – sunspot tide – timeline of meteorology – 1500-year climate cycle

1.3. Planetary cycles. Geological cycles. (Геологические циклы)
The age of the Earth – the cycle of erosion – cycles of mass extinction – climate change-earthquake cycle – dynamic topography – glaciation – cycle supercontinent cycle Wilson

2.1. Organic loops. Agricultural cycles. (Сельскохозяйственные циклы)
Agricultural cycle – the carbon cycle – climate change and agriculture – rotation of crops – the Fertile Crescent – the harvest – the nitrogen cycle – organic farming – season – degradation of soils – sustainable industries – the water cycle

2.2. Organic loops. Biological and medical cycles. (Биологического и медицинского циклов)
Alternation of generations – beta-oxidation – bioelectricity – biological methods of pest control – the biorhythm – bipolar disorder – cardiopulmonary resuscitation - Calvin–Benson cycle – the cell cycle – Chronobiology – the citric acid cycle – circadian rhythm – clinical depression – digestion – Environment – feedback – Infradian rhythm - life cycle – list of biochemistry topics – Marine biology – the menstrual cycle – neurofeedback – non-Hodgkins lymphoma – organic agriculture – periodical cicadas – polymerase chain reaction – soil degradation – cancer of the stomach – sort – of ultradian rhythm in the urea cycle – zygote

2.3. Organic loops. Brain waves and cycles. (Мозговые волны и циклы)
Bioelectricity – circadian rhythm – consciousness – electroencephalography – EEG-biofeedback – vegetative state – sjogrens syndrome – sleep ultradian rhythm

3. Cycles physics. (Физика циклов)
A cyclic process – Carnot cycle – the double-slit experiment – dynamic theory of gravity – physics-music – resonance – sonoluminescence – the speed of light is the Sun

3.1. Cycles physics. Mathematics of waves and cycles. (Математика волн и циклов)
Almost periodic function – amplitude modulation – amplitude – beat – Chaos Theory – cyclic group – diffraction – Doppler effect – eigenstate – eigenvalue – the Fibonacci sequence – Fourier series – frequency – frequency spectrum of Hamiltonian quantum mechanics the harmonic oscillator Huygens – Fresnel principle – longitudinal waves – mechanical waves – Navier–Stokes equations – differential equations – periodic function permutation phase – wave physics-the music – the power of the signal spectrum – wave spectrum of the operator – translational symmetry transverse waves – the wave equation – the wave–Particle duality wave – wave

3.2. Cycles physics. The electromagnetic spectrum. (Электромагнитного спектра)
Absorption spectroscopy – Anders Jonas Ångstrom – astronomical spectroscopy – Astronomy – black body – blazar radiation – cesium – Cherenkov – color – diffraction – Digital signal processing direct sequence spread spectrum – dispersion optics – eigenstate – eigenvalue – electromagnetic radiation – electromagnetic spectroscopy electromagnetic radiation – the electromagnetic force – spectral lines – emission spectrum – FM broadcast – frequency – frequency frequency-hopping spectrum – gamma ray burst – Hamiltonian quantum mechanics – history of radio – ton – isotope – light – optical Brightener – Particle in a spherically the symmetric potential – piezoelectricity – power spectrum – radar – Radio frequency – Radio – the radio Agency – red shift – web – spectrogram – spectrometer – spectroscopy – spectrum analyzer – Sunyaev–Zeldovich effect – supernova – radio – voice very high frequency visible light – the visible spectrum – White noise

3.3. Cycles physics. Sound waves. (Звуковые волны)
Sound theory – acoustics – aerodynamics – amplitude – anemometer – audio feedback – beat acoustic – bugging – Cherenkov radiation – cold fusion – compressibility – delay line memory – diffraction – Doppler effect – sounders – electronic filter – ft-IR – Krakatau – speaker – Mach number – Mike – hammer, anvil, and stirrup – pan pipes – parabolic microphone – phonetics – Phonon – piezoelectricity – psychoacoustics – sawtooth wave – shock wave – Led – Sonar – sonic Boom – sonoluminescence – sound – sound-recording audio – speech processing – speed of sound – sperm Whale – Square wave – subsonic – Subtractive synthesis – synthesizer – telephone – line – triangular-wave resistance – signal -

4. Different cycles. (Различные циклы) Economic and business cycles. (Экономических и деловых циклов)
The business cycle of inflation / crisis – monetary policy – a vicious circle and vicious circle – the cycle Kitchin – Juglar cycle, Kuznets swing
Music and rhythm cycles. (Музыка и ритм циклов)
Harmonic – interval cycle – Musica Universalis – music theory – physics-music – "der Ring des Nibelungen" – rhythm – song cycle
Religious, mythological and spiritual cycles. (Религиозные, мифологические и духовные циклы)
Astrology – mantra – Numerology – Pratītyasamutpāda – Samhain – sexagenary cycle – Surya
Social and cultural cycles. (Социальные и культурные циклы)
Dynastic cycle – the Kondratiev wave theory of the social cycle Tytler cycle

The following is a list of solar cycles sometimes called sunspot cycles tracked since 1755 following the original numbering proposed by Rudolf Wolf
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