List of geoscience organizations

This is a list of organizations that are engaged in the various earth Sciences, Geology, Geophysics, hydrology, Oceanography, petrophysics, and related fields.
Delft organization of Geophysics students dogs.
Mineralogical society of America MSA.
Nigerian mining and Geosciences society NMGS.
Chinese Academy of geological Sciences CAG repeats.
Society of exploration geophysicists SEG.
Geoscience Australia. (Землеведение Австралия)
Micropalaeontological Society. (Micropalaeontological Общество)
Society of soil scientists of America SSIA.
Environmental and engineering geophysical society EEGs.
South Wales geologists Association SWGA.
Paleontological society PS. (Палеонтологическое общество ПС)
National speleological society NSS – organization for research, conservation and exploration of caves in the United States.
British organic geochemical society of wetlands.
The international Institute of geo-information science and Earth observation ITC }}.
International Association for promoting Geoethics IAPG.
International Union of soil Sciences MCNP.
International Association of geomorphologists µg / AIG.
Geological survey of India.
The history of the Earth Sciences society Hess.
The American Institute of mining, metallurgical and petroleum engineers, SME, also known as the society of mining, metallurgy and exploration.
International Association for Geoethics.
Council for Geoscience CGS – national research Council of South Africa.
Canadian society of petroleum geologists.
European Association of science editors ease.
Saudi Geological survey SGS.
Petroleum exploration society of Australia Pesa.
United States permafrost Association ASD.
Geological survey of Belgium GSB.
Asia Pacific Geosciences society AOGS.
International Association of Sedimentologist IFRS.
Society geologist Myanmar, Singapore MGSS.
Russell Companies. (Рассел Компаний)
The geological survey Agency NGSA Nigeria.
Royal geological society of Cornwall RGSC.
The Royal astronomical society, RAS.
American Association of stratigraphic Palynologists AASP.
Clay minerals society CMS.
Geophysicists Canada. (Геофизиков Канада)
Australian clay minerals society ACS.
Seismological society of America SSA.
Geological survey of Pakistan GSP.
German DGG Geodetic companies, also known as the Deutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft.
International Association of Hydrogeologists / US the head of the MAG.
Society of vertebrate paleontology SVP.
Ghana geological-geophysical control of our schools.
The national Association of black geologists and Geophysicists NABGG.
Colegio de Geologos de Chile.
The Association of prospectors and developers of Canada Association.
The Council of state of Oregon geologist experts OSBGE.
Palaeontological Association Palass. (Палеонтологическая Ассоциация Паласс)
Society of independent professional Earth scientists sipes.
Edinburgh Geological Society. (Эдинбург Геологическое Общество)
Society for organic Petrology TSOP.
North American Commission on stratigraphic nomenclature NACSN.
The national Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology Italy INGV.
Geological society of America GSA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the earth Sciences.
European Union of Geosciences EGE.
The Gemological Institute of America GIA.
Geoscience information society GSIs.
The international Association of planetary Sciences of the SDI.
The research Council of undergraduate Geosciences division cur.
The international Commission on stratigraphy ICS.
Paleobotanical section of the Botanical society of America PSBSA.
Association of Earth science Editors AESE.
Association of environmental and engineering geologists AEG.
Central Geological survey CGS.
American Association of petroleum geologists AAPG.
Geological society of India.
Accra Mining network AMN.
The national Association of state boards of Geology ASBOG.
Institute of history of the oil Phi.
European Association of geoscientists and engineers eage.
Association of American state geologists AASG.
Society of sedimentary Geology SEPM.
Rocky mountain Association of geologists RMAG.
International Basement Tectonics Association.
Friends of Mineralogy FOM.
Society of economic geologists SEG.
Chinese Geosciences Union GE.
The American gem society AGS, also known as the American Gemological society.
The Pittsburgh geological society PGS.
Association of professional geoscientists of Ontario.
The Palaeontographical Society. (В Palaeontographical Общество)
Serbian Geological society sing.
Japanese Union Of Earth Sciences JpGU.
Petroleum exploration society of great Britain PESGB.
Mining, geological and metallurgical Institute of India.
The society of mineral Museum professionals SMMP.
The National Association Of Science Teachers Earth.
Geological society of London GSL.
The Australian Institute of geoscientists AIG.
National society of consulting soil scientists NSCSS.
American Institute of hydrology AIH.
International Association of Volcanology and chemistry of the Earth the interior IAVCEI.
Ghana Institute of geoscientists GhIG.
Geological survey of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Geological society Arizona AGS.
Canadian Institute of mining, metallurgy and petroleum CIM.
British Geological survey BGS.
Geological society of Washington GSW.
Paleontological research institution pri.
The national Association of teachers of Sciences about the earth NAGT.
Quaternary research Association cor.
Decennial mineral exploration conferences DMEC.
A consortium of United States research organizations, soil USCSSA.
Association of geologists G. A.
International Association of hydrological Sciences Sup / Aish.
The international Association for mathematical Geosciences IAMG.
International Glaciological society IGS.
Australian society of exploration geophysicists ASEG.
Geological Association at Berkeley Gab.
Canadian Geophysical Union. (Канадский Геофизический Союз)
Pittsburgh Association of petroleum geologists PAPG.
Geological survey United States U.S. Geological survey is a scientific Agency of the government of the United States.
The canadian GAMES Association of mining equipment and services for export.
The Geosciences society of Myanmar MGS.
Society of Petrophysical and log analysts SPWLA.
American geophysical Union AGU is a nonprofit organization of geophysicists.
Association Sciences Limnology and Oceanography ASLO, also known as the American society of Limnology and Oceanography – scientific society.
Geo-Institute of the American society of civil engineers I.
The Mexican Geological society SGM.
International Union of geological Sciences international Union of geological Sciences.
Geological society of Glasgow Scottish scientific organization of Scotland.
Australian Council for Geosciences Aru.
International Union of geodesy and Geophysics mgg to.
Geological survey of Austria GBA.
Canadian society of exploration geophysicists CSEG.
Geological survey of Norway, NGU.
Geological survey of Canada.
Association of women geoscientists AWG.
National cooperative soil survey ncss.
Geological society of Australia GSA.
American Geosciences Institute AGI.
China Geological survey GSC.
American rock mechanics Association ARMA.
American Institute of professional geologists AIPG.
Geological society of Namibia.

The American Geosciences Institute AGI is a nonprofit federation of about 50 geoscientific and professional organizations that represents geologists
Mathematical Geosciences IAMG is a nonprofit organization of geoscientists. The aim of the International Association for Mathematical Geosciences is to promote
Geoscience Australia is an agency of the Australian Government. It carries out geoscientific research. The agency is the government s technical adviser
China University of Geosciences List of geoscience organizations Andersson, J. G. 1921 - 01 - 01 The National Geological Survey of China Geografiska
The European Geosciences Union EGU is a non - profit international union in the fields of Earth, planetary, and space sciences whose vision is to realise
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Geophysics, Petroleum Geoscience and Basin Research. EAGE also publishes several books per year. List of geoscience organizations Society of Exploration Geophysicists
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geoscience includes all fields of natural science related to the planet Earth. This is a branch of science dealing with the physical constitution of the
2012, the INT domain consists of 166 subdomain delegations. These organizations are generally international organizations established by treaty. Some however
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