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Naval flag may refer to: Maritime flag Naval ensign Naval jack Lists of naval flags
Naval flags, both Naval jacks and naval ensigns, are a subset of Maritime flags flown by naval forces. There are several lists of naval flags, organised
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The Naval Staff Directorate is a military staff directorate created in 1985 as the Directorate of Naval Staff Duties. The directorate was originally part
domain material from the United States Government document Office of Naval Material - Lists of Commanding Officers and Senior Officials of the U.S. Navy
The naval district was a U.S. Navy military and administrative command ashore. Apart from Naval District Washington, the Districts were disestablished
Chief of Naval Operations organization Chief of Naval Operations Lists of Commanding Officers and Senior Officials of the US Navy. Naval Historical
a naval list of any other country, the ship is said to be stricken Good sources of historical data on the Royal Navy Navy Lists are: The Naval Historical
Auxiliary, Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Marines Reserve and Naval Careers Service. The term Naval Service should be distinguished from the UK Naval Services
number of aircraft and personnel. Lists of military installations Naval air squadron also abbreviated NAS NAWS, Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake

List of Indian Navy bases

The Indian Navy currently operates three commands - Western Naval Command located at Mumbai, Southern Naval Command located at Kochi and Eastern Naval Comman...

List of Royal Australian Navy bases

Royal Australian Air Force installations List of Royal Australian Navy bases List of Brazilian military bases List of Bulgarian military bases List of Canadi...

List of Royal Norwegian Navy bases

Sortland Naval Base, base for Coast Guard Squadron North of the Norwegian Coast Guard. KNM Harald Haarfagre at Madla, Royal Norwegian Navy and Air Force Basi...

List of Royal New Zealand Navy bases

This is a list of commissioned naval bases of the Royal New Zealand Navy from its formation on 1 October 1941 to the present. The Royal New Zealand Navy foll...

List of commanders-in-chief of the Royal Thai Navy

The Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Navy, currently Admiral Luechai Rutdit, who is headquartered in Bangkok. Prior to 1887, the Navy was divided between...

List of single-ship actions

A single-ship action is a naval engagement fought between two warships of opposing sides, excluding submarine engagements; called so because there is a singl...

List of submarine actions

2010, March 26 – A North Korean 2-men midget submarine sinks the South Korean corvette ROKS Cheonan off Baengnyeong Island. 1971, December 9 – Pakistani Daph...