Hyperaccumulators table – 2: Nickel

This list covers known Nickel hyperaccumulators, accumulators or species of plants tolerant to Nickel.
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Alpine yarutka field or "Alpine Pennygrass" as well as "Alpine Pennycrest" in some books.
In the genus Alyssum, free histamin it is an important no-binding ligand that increases in the xylem proportionately to root any absorption. There is a close correlation between the tolerance N. I., root his concentration, and ATP-PRT transcript abundance. Thus, ATP-PRT expression may play an important role in regulating the pool of free his and contributes to the exceptional tolerance no hyperaccumulator species burachok. But this is not the complete hyperaccumulator phenotype because his-ahem-overproducing lines do not exhibit increased NI concentrations in birch or juice, or drop cloth.

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large amounts of pyrite FeS 2 and Iron II sulfide FeS which are rejected from the sought - after ores of copper and nickel as well as coal. Although
Distribution and Speciation in the Fronds of the Hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata New Phytologist. 156 2 195 203. doi: 10.1046 j.1469 - 8137.2002.00512