List of mnemonics

The order of the planets from the Sun.
obsolete per the IAU definition of planet: M ost V egetables E at M ore J uice S o U sually N ever P ee M y V ery E ducated M other J ust S erved U s N ine P otatoes M any V icious E lelphants M et J ust S lightly U nder N ew P ineapples
The sequence of stellar classification: O B A f G K M R n s.
O h B e A F ine G irl / G uy, K iss M e R ight N ow, S weetheart!
The revised sequence of stellar classification: O B A f G K M L T G.
About LD, ALD B, d, f, G enerals to the ISS pustya l adies t Khan you.

1. Biology. (Биология)
To remember the order of taxa in biology.
D UMB R I K IDS with heese m OST f Reid g Rin with pinach.
D AMN K ernel P aniks with rush N al f family g AME system.
D O K indly P lace C o n f resh g Rin s Pring in egetables.
"D ear K Ing P hilip with AME z F or G OOD s OUP" is often cited as a vulgar way to teach students to memorize the taxonomic classification system. Other variations tend to start with the mythical king, with one author noting "the nonsense about king Philip, or some ribald version was the Memory of generations of biology students".
D O K Ings p lay with Hess o n f In g Rin like this.
Remember the processes that define living.
Mrs Gren: m ovement, R espiration, With ensation, g rowth, R eproduction e xcretion N utrition g.
Remember the number of humps on the camel types.
D the DROMEDARY one hump, Bactrian two B.
Red next to black is friend Jack. Red next to yellow will kill their neighbors.
To distinguish colors between a harmless King Snake and a poisonous coral snake.

2. Chemistry. (Химия)
To remember the names of the first 20 elements in the periodic table:
Harry, he likes beer by cupfuls, not over frothy, never nasty mugs allowed. Since past six closing, are kegs cancelled? H, He, Li, Be, B, C, N, O, F, Ne, Na, Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Cl, Ar, K, Ca.

3. Technical. (Технические)
For EIA electronic color code b l and ck0, Br own1, R ED2, about range3, g ellow4, g reen5, b l u E6 iolet7, Mr. ray8, W hite9, g old5% from ilver10%, no ne20 United%.
B ig b rown r abbits o ften y ield g reat b ig v ocal g roans w hen g ingerly s lapped B ad b oys r un o ur y oung g irls b ehind v ictory g arden w alls B. B Roy

4. Geography. (География)
In the countries of South America in order from largest to smallest area: Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador, Guyana, Uruguay, Suriname.
O-ring B, a standard P olitics B to come to Erie with orrupt. Itza e verywhere G and gray s sometimes.
The great Lakes in order from highest to lowest: superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie, Ontario.
With uper h eroes m Ust E in ATS.
The main factors that affect climate: LABDOWA.
Latitude, Altitude, Build, Distance from the sea, Ocean currents, Wind, Aspect

5. Geology. (Геология)
Geological periods: Precambrian, Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Carboniferous, Permian, Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous, Paleocene, Eocene, Oligocene, Miocene, Pliocene, Pleistocene, Holocene and latest.
Paleozoic to Cenozoic: pregnant camels usually sit down carefully, perhaps their joints.
P regnant with Di Francesco o ften with its own arefully, P orzului, T heir j points with the jets? P ossibly e Arly O Ealing m ight P Revent P ermanent R heumatism.
Mohs scale of mineral hardness of 1-10.
For T alc=1 G ypsum=2 C alcite=3 F luorite=4 A patite=5 O rthoclase=6 Q uartz=7 T opaz=8 C orundum=9 D iamond=10
The Ll Gy roscopes ka N FL g AP art or biting qu ickly for the joint a complete re Di sintegration.
T errible g iants s f ind in lligators O R M uaint T rolls onveniently D igestible.
T all D "iris" s f ight other question ueer T hinges with developed D.
T oronto d "iris" s f lirt A Nd o nly question whit T O s D Hase ports.
Differentiating stalactites from stalagmites.
Can be wrung out from a floor. You should keep up to the ceiling.
tites ticks up and down. When the ants in the pants, the mites go up and tights come down.
Male withtites are on the C Eiling. Stala g mites are on the G round.
Tights hang from the ceiling, and ticks, crawling on the ground.
Stalactites hang on, hang down like tights on a line, Stalag mite bite if you sit on them, you can get to the roof.
Stalactites to cling tightly to the ceiling, and Stalag mites might reach the ceiling.
The order of the minerals in skarns formed where igneous rocks intrude the carbonates.
T all T rembling D E F or P Erill W alks. M onsters in crimonious with purn m ercys l OSS R ankly.

6. History. (История)
Simplified Chinese dynasties: Xia Shang, Zhou Qin Jin, Han, Jin, southern and Northern, sui, Tang, song, yuan, Ming, Qing Jing.
She Sha mefully Cho ESE Chin Han Jin gles d I s I N fully Swee T tan o song: "You and I, Chi ckadee!".
English simplified dynasties: Norman, Plantagenet, Lancaster, York, Tudor, Stuart, Hanover, Windsor.
N O P LAN l IKE we have T O S tudy h istory W isely.
Wives of Henry VIII names: Aragon, Boleyn, Seymour, Cleves, Howard, Parr.
All the guys thoroughly with ome N ome N rent.
Wives of Henry VIII death: divorced, beheaded, died / divorced, beheaded, survived.
British nobility rank order summary: Duke, Marquis, Earl, Viscount, Baron.
D O M E Ware isit in B Oston.

7. Languages. (Языки) Grammar. (Грамматика)
O n s aturday and unday c old O Vens m ake P astry.
The order of adjectives in the English language: OSASCOMP.
Commonly used coordinating unions in English: fans.
F or, a nd, n or B ut O R y et o.
Verbs in French that use the auxiliary verb кtre in the past sometimes called "verbs of motion" can be remembered using the phrase "Dr. and Mrs. Vandertramp".
devenir, revenir, monter, rester, sortir, venir, aller, naitre, descendre, entrer, rentrer, tomber, retourner, arriver, mourir, partir

8. Math Quadratic equation. (Квадратное уравнение)
The articulation of the quadratic equation can be sung to the tune of different songs as mnemonic devices.
Mathematical operations. (Математические операции)
To assist students in memorizing the rules of addition and multiplication of two numbers, Balbuena and Buayan 2015 wrote the letter strategy Laus and LPUN, respectively. Order of operations PEMDAS the P - parentheses e xcuse - exponents M d multiplication D ear - splitting UNT - in addition, s - subtraction
Trigonometry. (Тригонометрия)
The mnemonic "SOHCAHTOA" is sometimes written "SOH Toa CAH" is often used to remember the basic trigonometric functions:
T angent = o pposite / a djacent.
With Ine = o pposite / h ypotenuse.
With aspen = a djacent / h ypotenuse.
This can also be done by remembering: some old hippie SOH caught another hippie tripping on CAH Toa acid

9. Medicine. (Медицина)
Remember the signs of stroke.
F Ace is the face of the victim fell on one side.
With your is slurred speech the victim? They can repeat a simple sentence.
T IME is the time to contact emergency services.
RMS can the victim raise both arms and keep them raised.
Quickly. (Быстро)
D. R. S. A. B. C. D.
C PR start CPR.
D efib to use a defibrillator.
With the end of a call for backup, or emergency services.
R esponse Check for signs of life or response.
Reaths used to test breaths.
Check for irway obstruction in the throat.
Memorize the steps for resuscitation.
D check the wrath of a danger to themselves or others before.
Remember the 10 organ systems of the human body.
Intrinsic muscles of the hand.
Thenar lateral medial-Palmar surface:
A bductor pollicis brevis O pponens pollicis F lexor pollicis brevis A dductor pollicis
Of the little finger lateral medial-Palmar surface:
O pponens digiti minimi F lexor digiti minimi A bductor digiti minimi
The bones of the wrist: navicular, lunate, triangular bone, pisiform bone, trapezoid bone, trapezoid bone, capitate bone and hamate bone.
Some Lovers Try Positions That They Cant Handle She Looks Too Pretty Try To Catch Her So Long To Pinky, Here Comes The Thumb Simply Learn The Positions That The Carpus Has Send Louis To Paris To Tame Carnal Hungers Stop Letting Those People Touch The Cadavers Hands
Differential Diagnosis Of. (Дифференциальная Диагностика)
Cranial nerves. (Черепные нервы)

10.1. Music. Guitar. (Гитара)
Mnemonics are also used in remembering guitar names in the standard order.
E very CID D ealer g ETS B e ventually Spanish.
E GGS a re D eliciously g OOD B in addition, e nergetic.
E very ngel D OES g OOD to B E Vil.
E very merikan D OG g EC b te e asily.
E very D standard Ude g ETS B Etter e ventually.
E lephants y, d onkeys g row B iG e ARS.
E ine LTE D am g Et B EI e inkaufen Germany: an elderly lady goes shopping.
E very a dult D OG g rowls ARKS B e ATS.
E DDI in the ynamite g OOD b e DD.
D even o nce D inner G I want the boys B E in.
E LL d ay G I B iG e Asy.
Thus, we get the names of the strings from the 6th string to the 1st string in that order.
Conversely, a mnemonic list of strings in reverse order:
E lvis B IG g reat D Ane those se.
E very B IG g IRL D eserves A N E lephant.
E Aster B uns g ETS D runk A T E Aster.
E very B beginning in g uitarist D OES LL e xercises.

10.2. Music. Ukulele. (Укулеле)
How to tune a guitar, there was a mnemonic for ukulele.
G OOD with hooks e -lot.
In the other direction is UNT e you ooks g RIC.

10.3. Music. Reading music. (Чтение музыка)
Musicians can remember the notes associated with the five lines of the treble clef, using any of the following mnemonics EGBDF from bottom line to top.
E very g OOD B Oy D OES f ine.
E very g OOD B Oy D eserves f udge.
E mpty g arbage B to ad f lip.
The four spaces of the treble clef is written from the bottom to the top face.
Five lines in the bass key from the bottom to the top.
G OOD B GNI D ONT f ly way.
G oblins B ring D Excavation f or Ll.
G rizzly B ears D ONT f ly in irplanes.
G eorge B U s h D idnt f MFR all.
G OOD B urritos D ONT F all parts.
G OOD B boys D O f ine, as always.
G reat B bottoms D IG of f ine in DSN.
The four spaces the bass clef from the bottom to the top.
All flows With E At G Rass.
LL with ARS E at G as.
Five lines of the Alto clef from the bottom to the top.
V lley C E arbage OVD g.
The four spaces of the Alto clef from the bottom to the top.
G Rin B GNI D O f ly.
The order of sharps in the key notation is F♯ With♯, G♯, G♯, A♯, E♯, B♯, which can be remembered using the phrase.
F ATS G O D own lleys e rowwise GNI B.
F father hristmas g, PR. n. n e lectric B lanket.
F Idel with Astro g ETS D runk and E ATS B fir.
F s AC g reedy D AFO LL E Ananas B.
F father harles g OES D own and E noob fight.
The order of flats is B♭, E♭ In a♭, D♭, G♭, C♭, and F♭ reverse order of sharps, which can be remembered using the phrase.
B attle NDS e y D G own OES harles f father.
B to E education and d oughnut G, etc Offee p f irst of all.
B lanket xploded e th ad from g s old legs.

11. Philosophy. (Философия)
The Plaza pad is another mnemonic for the first 11 and the most important of the Ionian philosophers: T Hales, h eraclitus, e mpedocles, P rotagoras, I eucippus and naximander, z Ino, and naximenes, P armenides, and naxagoras, D emocritus.
Guy Zappa-its a mnemonic for the first 11 and the most important of the Ionian philosophers: T Hales, h eraclitus, e mpedocles, l eucippus and naximander, D emocritus, z Ino, and naximenes, P rotagoras, P armenides, and naxagoras.

12. Physics. (Физика)
The sequence of colors in the rainbow or visible spectrum.
R ichard O f Y ork G ave B attle I n V ain" Roy G. Biv is also used as a fictitious name

13.1. Spelling. A characteristic sequence of letters. (Характерная последовательность букв)
I always before E, but after C, E comes to me.
In most such words as FR e y, f e LD R CE p ie RCE, Mish, i.e. f E f step, this "I" which comes before e ". But some words with C only up to a couple of e and I, as re-CEI ve, in CEI-ve the e "stands before" I ". It can be to remember the following mnemonic,
I before E, except after C
But this is not always obeyed, as in the case of the W EI and W EI g W EI struggle, h EI struggle, N EI ghbor, etc. and you may recall, expanding as the mnemonic as shown below
I before E, except after C Or when sounded A as in n ei ghbor, w ei gh and w ei ght Or when sounded like eye as in h ei ght And "w ei rd" is just weird
Another option, which avoids confusion when the two letters represent different sounds, not one sound, but an atheist or be working
When it says ee Put i before e But not after c
Where ever there is a question have.
Most often in the following question. for example: Queen question, quack, quark, quartz, quarry, quit, Pique, torque, Maca qu e Treasury. Consequently, a mnemonic:
Where ever there is a Q there is a U too But this is violated by some words, see:List of English words containing Q not followed by U

13.2. Spelling. Letters to syllables to words. (Буквы слоги слова)
Do not be lie ve a lie.
Secretary. (Секретарь)
A secret ary must keep a secret
Teacher. (Учитель)
There is an ache in every te ache r.
Be sure of your mea sure ments before you start work.
O Ie ND. (О, т. е. НД)
Fri the end of your fri end
The CIA have spe cia l agents
B ig E lephants A re U gly
Separately. (Отдельно)
Always smell a rat when you spell sep a rat e There was a farmer named Sep and one day his wife saw a rat. She yelled," Sep! A rat – E!!!”
Cemetery. (Кладбище)
There are three e "s buried in "c e m e t e ry".

13.3. Spelling. The differences between similar words. (Различия между подобными словами)
The difference between advice and advise, practice and practice, license and licence, etc.
Tips, practice, license, etc. those with nouns and advise, practise, license, etc. are verbs.
One way of remembering this is that the word n oun’ comes before the word v erb’ in the dictionary, likewise c ’ comes before s ’, so the n ouns are practi c e, licen c e, advi c e’ and the v erbs are practi s e, licen s e, advi s e’.
H ere h ear.
We h ear with our ear.
Compl and compl e ment I ment.
compl e ment adds something to make it e nough comp lime nt puts you in the lime light
The principle and main.
Your princi pal is your pal A ru le can be called a princip le
Correction-black. (Коррекция-черный)
Remedial work is meant to remedy. Menial work is boring but its mean -ial to complain.
They are there and they.
Theirs is not mine even though I is in it. T here is w here well be. Theyre is a contraction of they are.
Station / railway station and E ry.
Station er y contains er and so does pap er, station ar y not moving contains ar and so does c ar A for a t rest", e for e nvelope

13.4. Spelling. First letter mnemonics of spelling. (Первая буква мнемоники орфографии)
Diarrhea. (Понос)
D ashing I n A R ush, R unning H arder or E lse A ccident! D ining I n A R ough R estaurant: H urry, otherwise E xpect A ccidents! D iarrhea I s A R eally R unny H eap of E ndless A mounts
Arithmetic. (Арифметика)
A R at I n T he H ouse M ay E at T he I ce C ream
Need. (Нужно)
N ot E very C at E ats S ardines S ome A re R eally Y ummy
Because. (Потому что)
B ig E lephants C an A lways U nderstand S mall E lephants B ig E lephants C ause A ccidents U nder S mall E lephants B ig E lephants C ant A lways U se S mall E xits B ig E lephants C an’t A lways U se S mall E ntrances
Mnemonics. (Мнемоника)
M nemonics N ow E rase M ans O ldest N emesis, I nsufficient C erebral S torage
Geography. (География)
G eorges E lderly O ld G randfather R ode A P ig H ome Y esterday.
Tomorrow. (Завтра)
T rails O f M y O ld R ed R ose O ver W indow
Rhythm. (Ритм)
R hythm H elps Y our T wo H ips M ove

14. Transport. (Транспорт)
Sea. (Море)
The phrase "theres always some red left port" is used to remember the basics of navigation. "Red" indicates the color of navigation lights on the port on the left side of the vessel, in contrast to the green on the starboard side.
"Nuclear restrictions constrain fishing and sailing, people say" used to encode a "sequence" for which vessels have the right of way above in the list has higher priority later: not under command, restricted, limited project, fishing boat, sailboat, motor boat, seaplane.
"R ED R ight, to get back" recalls the captain enter "return" port in IALA region B, to keep the red markers on the Board. On the other hand, there is the opposite of the Convention in IALA region a port where a similar, but significantly different by the mnemonic "P U O R ight eturning t R O s expert" can be used.
Aviation uses many mnemonics in addition to written checklists. Cm. also category: aviation mnemonics.
Craft - c learance limit on the route R, and ltitude F requency T ransponder.
From the spin - poker - P Auer, ask about the helm, for thin flaps., E levator briskly forward, R ECover from the dive.
Pre-Alpine - flower - f low enabled, the test is l h, the oxygen which is charged W ater humidity, On e-lectricity, R Adio test.
Pre-flight-paperwork - arrow - certificate irworthiness, R account, R the required schedules, control of work, W eight and balance.
Pre-final: Martha - M. the procedure is allowed, the restriction ltitude, R Adios set a limit h t h end leading, and irspeed descent.
Pre-planting: GUMP - Y as ndercarriage, m ixture, P ropeller, speed.
Radio loss instrument course - CDEF - as C leared that right before the last repair, still as focused on xpect nothing but the flight plan F iled.
To avoid a night collision: Red, right, returning - red NAV light on right implies target return closure.

15. Units. (Единицы)
Metric - common si prefixes: kilo-, hecto-, Deka -, - s-, centi-, Milli-, in descending order of magnitude.
To Ing h ENRI of D rinks at nusually Darc with hocolate m ilk, deci-, centi-, Milli-, in descending order of magnitude.
To Ing h Henri D IED with D rinking hocolate m ilk.
To Ing h Henri D IED m OST D eaths from ounting m oney.
Traditional U.S. units: no. feet in a mile.
Five tomatoes: it looks like five two eight OHS = 5280 feet in a mile.
Johnny went from five to eight and said that my feet = 5280 feet in a mile.

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