Projet de communaute philosophe

Projet de communaute philosophe is a book written by the French philosopher Victor dHupay, published in 1777.

1. Review
This book can be seen as a cornerstone in the history of communism, as it describes for the first time how "communists" people living in a "commune" should understand this philosophy. In this work, the author advises to "share all economic and material products between inhabitants of the commune, so that all may benefit from everybodys work". Later, in a 1785 letter to friend Restif de la Bretonne, dHupay would describe himself as a "communist" author.
The book was partly written in dHupays own bastide in Meyreuil, near Aix-en-Provence, where he was determined to set his own commune and live by the communist philosophy, with neighbours and friends.