List of kings by amount of territory conquered

but lost major parts of conquered land, only really ruling the main territory that remained after Hammurabi s reign. The kings who succeeded him would
in Africa. Most of the Visigothic Kingdom was conquered by Umayyad troops from North Africa in 711 AD, with only the northern reaches of Hispania remaining
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by the King of Kaffa, and were given the duties of guarding the royal compounds and the gates of the kingdom. The kingdom was overrun and conquered in
Shang remnants in the rebellion of the Three Guards. The Duke of Zhou stamped out this rebellion and conquered more territory to bring other people under
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Mesopotamia. It began after several centuries of control by Akkadian and Gutian kings It controlled the cities of Isin, Larsa and Eshnunna and extended as
three semi - independent kingdoms Philip II of Macedon invaded and conquered much of Thrace. Some Odrysian kings and other Thracian tribes were submitted
eastern part of its territory east of the Lower Bann and Newry River. It is said that the territory the Three Collas conquered became the kingdom of Airgialla