List of scientific constants named after people

This is a list of physical and mathematical constants named after people.The same constants and their influence on scientific citations has been discussed in the literature.
Coupling constant Fermi Enrico Fermi.
Constant Josephson Brian David Josephson.
The Number Of Mosers.
Meissel–Mertens constant. (Мейссел–Мертенс постоянная)
Constant Gausss – Carl Friedrich Gauss.
Newtons constant, the gravitational constant, g {\the style property display the value of the g} – sir Isaac Newton.
Constant Champernowne, D. G. Champernowne.
A constant Coulomb Charles-Augustin de Coulomb.
Avogadros Number Amedeo Avogadro.
The Hubble Constant Edwin Hubble.
Legendres constant, 1 Adrien-Marie Legendre.
Khinchins constant – Alexander Khinchin.
Archimedes constant, PI – Archimedes.
Feigenbaum Constants – Mitchell Feigenbaum.
The Planck constant H {\the style property display the value of x} – Max Planck.
Balmers constant Johann Jakob Balmer.
Number Of Eddington Arthur Stanley Eddington.
Dunbars number – Robin Dunbar.
Eulers number e {\the style property display the value of the e} – Leonhard Euler.
Lomita constant – Johann Josef Lomita.
Bohr Magneton – Niels Bohr.
Permanent Kaprekars – D. R. Kaprekar.
Constant Faraday – Michael Faraday.
The Radius Of The Bohr – Niels Bohr.
The Chandrasekhar Limit Of – Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar.
Mean Of Phidias – Phidias.
Permanent Bruns – Viggo Brun.
Constant Kerr – John Kerr.
Aperys constant – Roger nursery.
Grahams number – Ronald Graham.
Prime Belphegors – BELPHEGOR demon.
Copeland–constant of erdös – Borwein of Paul Erdos and Peter.
Landau–Ramanujan constant – Edmund Landau and Srinivasa Ramanujan.
Hartree Energy – Douglas Hartree.
Angle Cabibbo Nicola Cabibbo.
Euler–Mascheroni constant γ {\the style property display the value of gamma\} – Leonhard Euler and Lorenzo Mascheroni.
Ludolphsche DSL – Ludolph van Ceulen.
And Embree–the Marriott constant.
Erdős–Borwein constant. (Эрдеша–Борвейна постоянная)
Chaitins constant Gregory Chaitin.
Boltzmann Ludwig Boltzmann. (Больцман Людвиг Больцман)
Reduced Planck constant or Dirac constant h {\the style property display the value of x} -bar, ħ – Max Planck, Paul Dirac.
Ramanujan–Soldner constant Srinivasa Ramanujan and Johann Georg von Soldner.
Theodore constant √ 3 ≅ ±1.732050807568877. – Theodore of Cyrene.
Number Rios – Agustin Rayo.
Constant Rydberg – Johannes Rydberg.
The Number Skewes Stanley Skewes.
Permanent Sierpinskis – Waclaw Sierpinski.
Stefan–Boltzmann – Josef Stefan and Ludwig Boltzmann.
The constant background of Klitzing Klaus von Klitzing.
Constant Sommerfeld Arnold Sommerfeld.
Sakura–tetrode constant the Otto Sackur and Hugo tetrode.
Number Tuppers – Jeff tapper.
Richardson, constant – Owen Willans Richardson.
Viswanaths constant Divakar Viswanath.
Wien displacement law constant – Wilhelm Vienna.

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