List of Balzan Prize recipients

Nobel Foundation Sweden --- humanity, peace and brotherhood among peoples.
Pope John XXIII at the Vatican --- humanity, peace and brotherhood among peoples.
Andrey Kolmogorov Soviet Union --- Math.
Samuel Eliot Morison United States --- History.
Paul Hindemith Germany --- Music.
Karl von Frisch in Austria --- biology.
Mother Teresa of Calcutta India --- humanity, peace and brotherhood among peoples.
Ernest Labrousse France and Italy, Giuseppe Tucci --- history.
Jean piaget Switzerland --- social and political Sciences.
Torbjørn Caspersson Sweden --- Biology.


1. 1980-ies. (1980-х годов) 1980
Jorge Luis Borges, Argentina --- Philology, linguistics and literary criticism.
Hassan Fathi El Egypt --- architecture and urbanism.
Enrico Bombieri Italy --- Math.
Paul Reuter of France --- International public law.
Dan Mackenzie, UK, United Kingdom Drummond Matthews and Frederick vine UK --- Geology and Geophysics.
Josef Pieper Germany --- The Philosophy.
Kenneth Vivian Thimann UK / US --- pure and applied botany.
Jean-Baptiste Duroselle, France --- social science.
Hotel Massimo Pallottino Italy --- Sciences of antiquity.
Ernst Mayr Germany / USA --- Zoology.
Francesco Gabrielli Italy --- Oriental Studies.
Edward Shils USA --- Sociology.
Jean Starobinski, Switzerland --- history and criticism literature.
Sewell Wright, USA --- Genetics.
Jan Hendrik Oort, The Netherlands --- Astrophysics.
Ernst J. Gombrich Austria / United Kingdom --- history of Western art.
Jean-Pierre Serre-France --- Math.
Roger Revell USA --- Oceanography / climatology.
The UN high Commissioner for refugees UNHCR --- humanity, peace and brotherhood among peoples.
Jean Rivero France --- basic human rights.
Otto Neugebauer Austria / United States --- History of science.
Richard W. southern of the United Kingdom --- Medieval history.
Jerome Seymour Bruner USA --- human psychology.
Philip V. Tobias of South Africa --- physical anthropology.
Shmuel Noah Eisenstadt Israel --- Sociology.
Rene Etiemble France --- comparative literature.
Michael Evenari Israel and Otto Ludwig Lange Germany --- applied botany incl. environmental aspects.
Emmanuel Levinas France / Lithuania --- The Philosophy.
Leo Pardi Italy --- Ethologie.
Martin John United Kingdom - Rees - high energy Astrophysics.

2. 1990-ies. (1990-х годов) 1990
Pierre Lalive dEpinay Switzerland --- private international law.
James Freeman Gilbert USA --- solid earth Geophysics.
Walter Burkert Germany --- the study of the ancient world of the Mediterranean.
Abbe Pierre Henri Grouese France --- humanity, peace and brotherhood among peoples.
John Maynard Smith, UK --- genetics and evolution.
Gyorgy Ligeti Hungary / Austria --- Music.
The name Vitorino Godinho Portugal --- story: the emergence in Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries.
Armand Borel Switzerland --- Math.
Giovanni Mackay Italy --- History and criticism literature.
Ibrahim Samba Gambia-M. - preventive medicine.
Lothar Gall, Germany --- history: the society of the 19th and 20th centuries.
Wolfgang H. Berger Germany / USA --- paleontology with special reference to Oceanography.
Jean Leclant France-of-the - art and archaeology of the Ancient world.
Norberto Bobbio Italy --- the rights of governments and political science and democracy.
Fred Hoyle, UK and Martin Schwarzschild Germany / USA --- the evolution of AP stars.
René Couteaux France --- biology cell structure with special reference to the nervous system.
Carlo M. Cipolla Italy --- Economic history.
Alan J. Heeger US --- science of new non-biological materials.
Yves Bonnefoy, France --- History of art and art criticism in relation to the European painting from the Middle ages to our time.
Arnt Eliassen Norway --- Meteorology.
Stanley Hoffmann Austria / USA / France --- Political Sciences: contemporary international relations.
The international Committee of the red cross ICRC --- humanity, peace and brotherhood among peoples.
Arno Borst Germany --- history of medieval culture.
Thomas Wilson of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom --- Epidemiology.
Charles Gillispie Coulston United States --- History and philosophy of science.
Stanley Jeyaraja Tambiah Sri Lanka / USA --- Social Sciences: social anthropology.
Robert McCredie May Of The United Kingdom / Australia --- Biodiversity.
Craig Harmon of the United States --- Geochemistry.
Andrzej Walicki Poland / United States --- History: cultural and social history of the Slavonic world from the reign of Catherine the great Russian revolution of 1917.
Paul Ricoeur France --- The Philosophy.
John In The UK-Elliot - History 1500-1800.
Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza Italy / USA --- the science of human origins.
Mikhail Gromov, Russia / France --- Math.

3. 2000s 2000
Abdul Sattar Edhi Pakistan --- humanity, peace and brotherhood among peoples.
Michel G. E. mayor Switzerland --- instrumentation and techniques in astronomy and astrophysics.
Martin Litchfield West, UK --- classical antiquity.
Michael Stolleis Germany --- legal history since 1500.
Ilkka Hanski Finland --- environmental Sciences.
Claude Lorius Of France --- Climatology.
Jean-Pierre Changeux, France --- cognitive neuroscience.
Marc Fumaroli France --- the literary studies and criticism after 1500.
James Sloss Ackerman of the United States --- History of architecture, including town planning and landscape design.
Dominic Chapperon France --- Sociology.
Xavier Le Pichon, France --- Geology.
Anthony Grafton United States --- History Humanities.
Walter H. Goering Switzerland --- developmental biology.
Serge Moscovici, France --- Social psychology.
Eric Hobsbawm, United Kingdom --- European history since 1900.
Wen-hung Taiwan / USA --- genetics and evolution.
Reinhard Hansel and Germany --- infrared astronomy.
Pierre Delhi-Belgium --- Math.
Andrew Colin Renfrew, United Kingdom --- Prehistoric Archaeology.
Nikki R. Keddie USA --- the Islamic world from the late 19th to the late 20th century.
The community of Santegidio --- humanity, peace and brotherhood among peoples.
Michael Marmot UK --- Epidemiology.
Peter Hall, UK --- social and cultural history of the city since the beginning of the 16th century.
Russell George. USA Hemley and Ho-Kwang David Mao China --- mineral physics.
Lothar Ledderose Germany --- History of Asian art.
Peter R. Grant UK and rosemary Grant, USA --- population biology.
Elliot M. Meyerowitz USA and Christopher R. Somerville Canada --- molecular genetics of plants.
Ludwig Finscher Germany --- History of Western music since 1600.
Andrew lang of the USA and Paolo De Bernardis of Italy --- observational astronomy and astrophysics.
Quentin Skinner UK --- political thought: history and theory.
Karlheinz böhm Austria --- humanity, peace and brotherhood among peoples.
Rosalyn United Kingdom-Higgins, international law after 1945.
Sumio Iijima Japan --- Nanoscience.
Bruce A. Butler of the USA and Jules A. Hoffmann France --- innate immunity.
Michelle Zinc France --- European Literature 1000 - 1500.
Wallace S. Broecker USA --- the science of climate change.
Maurizio Calvesi Italy --- Fine art from 1700.
Thomas Nagel Serbia / USA --- Moral Philosophy.
Ian H. Fraser Australia --- preventive medicine, including vaccination.
Terence cave United Kingdom --- literature since 1500.
Michael Gratzel Germany / Switzerland --- science of new materials.
Paolo Rossi Monti, Italy --- the History of science.
Brenda Milner UK / Canada --- Cognitive Neuroscience.

4. 2010 years. (2010 года) 2010
Carlo Ginzburg, Italy-European History, 1400 - 1700.
Shinya Yamanaka of Japan --- stem cells: biology and potential applications.
Jacob Palis Brazil --- mathematics pure or applied.
Manfred Brauneck, Germany --- History of theatre in all its aspects.
Russell Scott Lande USA / UK --- theoretical biology and bioinformatics.
Joseph Ivor silk USA / UK --- in the early Universe from the Planck time to the first galaxies.
Bronislaw Baczko Poland --- Enlightenment Studies.
Peter Brown, Ireland --- The Ancient History Of The Greco-Roman World.
Kurt Lambeck Australia --- the firmament of science, with a focus on interdisciplinary research.
Reinhard Strom Germany --- Musicology.
David Baulcombe UK --- Epigenetics.
Ronald Dworkin USA --- Law.
Alain aspect of France --- quantum information processing and communication.
André Vauchez, France --- Medieval History.
Pascale Cossart, France --- infectious diseases: basic and clinical aspects.
Manuel Castells Spain --- Sociology.
G. David Tilman, USA fundamental and / or applied plant ecology.
Dennis Sullivan USA --- pure mathematics or applied.
Mario Torelli Italy --- Classical Archaeology.
Ian hacking Canada --- epistemology and philosophy of mind.
The family to live in France --- humanity, peace and brotherhood among peoples.
David Michael Karl United States --- Oceanography.
Hans Belting Germany --- history of European art, 1300-1700.
Francis Halzen Belgium / USA --- physics, astrophysics including neutrino and gamma-ray observations.
Joel Mokira Holland / USA / Israel --- Economic History.
Federico Capasso Italy --- Applied Photonics.
Robert Cohen USA --- international relations: History and theory.
Piero Boitani. Italy --- Comparative Literature.
Reinhard, Jan Germany --- molecular and cellular neuroscience, including neurodegenerative and aspects of development.
Bina Agarwal India / United Kingdom --- Gender Studies.
Michael Gillon Belgium --- the planetary system of the Sun and exoplanets.
Robert D. Schreiber USA and James P. Allison of the United States --- immunological approaches in cancer therapy.
Aleida Assmann of Germany and Jan Assmann Germany --- the collective memory.
Detlef Lohse Of Germany --- Hydrodynamics.
Eva Kondorosi, Hungary / France --- Chemical Ecology.
Jürgen Osterhammel Germany --- World History.
Terre-de-Fund Terre des Hommes Switzerland --- humanity, peace and brotherhood among peoples.
Strathern Marilyn UK --- Social Anthropology.
Jacques aumont France --- film studies.
Mutius Erika von Klaus F. Rabe, Werner Seeger, and Tobias Welte Germany-- pathophysiology of respiration: from basic science to the bedside.
Luigi Ambrosio Italy --- the theory of differential equations.
Michael Cook United States / United Kingdom --- Islamic Studies.

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Wolf Prize in Agriculture. 2012 Balzan Prize for Epigenetics 2014 Gruber Prize in Genetics 2015 elected Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
survival of species for his mathematical models applying the theory of games to evolutionary problems motivation of the Balzan General Prize Committee
number of prizes including the Balzan prize and the Max - Planck research prize He was also the 2006 winner of the Holberg International Memorial Prize He
2010 Balzan Prize for Stem Cells: Biology and potential applications 2010 March of Dimes Prize in Developmental Biology 2010 Kyoto Prize in Biotechnology
founder of Chunsoft Sumio Iijima, B.E. in 1963 - discoverer of carbon nanotubes and recipient of the Benjamin Franklin Medal 2002 and the Balzan Prize 2007
BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Climate Change. In September 2008 Broecker was the recipient of the Balzan Prize for outstanding achievement
development Motivation of the Balzan General Prize Committee AP 12 September 2017 Indian economist wins prestigious Balzan Prize US scientists among awardees

Gromov, 2009 Abel Prize Wolf Prize Steele Prize Kyoto Prize Balzan Prize Larry Guth Helmut Hofer, Ostrowski Prize National Academy of Sciences Fritz
Gromov, 2009 Abel Prize Wolf Prize Steele Prize Kyoto Prize Balzan Prize Larry Guth Helmut Hofer, Ostrowski Prize National Academy of Sciences Fritz
Prize in Geoscience 2006 Balzan Prize National Medal of Science, Vetlesen Prize among other awards Peter K. Gregersen - MD 1976 Crafoord Prize in
research in the history of science Motivation of the Balzan General Prize Committee Neugebauer donated the prize money of 250, 000 Swiss francs to
win the Balzan Prize in 1985, the Steele Prize in 1995, the Wolf Prize in Mathematics in 2000, and was the first recipient of the Abel Prize in 2003.
one of the main disciples of Marc Fumaroli, himself a laureate of the Balzan Prize His pioneering work on rhetoric has placed him at the forefront of this
Medal and Prize of the Institute of Physics 1977 Hughes Medal of the Royal Society 1982 International Balzan Prize 1981 Prestwich Medal of the Geological
Marsh Christian Prize 1992 the Frink Medal by the Zoological Society of London 1995 the Crafoord Prize 1996 the Balzan Prize 1998 for Biodiversity
States, Albania s Golden Honour of the Nation, honorary degrees, the Balzan Prize and the Albert Schweitzer International Prize among many others. In late