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The Country Dance and Song Society abbreviated CDSS is a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote participatory dance, music, and song with English
The Society s headquarters is at the Goetheanum, located in Dornach, Solothurn, Switzerland. The Society has national Societies in many countries including
services, friendly societies played an important part in many people s lives. Many of these societies still exist. In some countries some of them developed
category of newly industrialized country NIC is a socioeconomic classification applied to several countries around the world by political scientists and economists
as you dance. Country dances are done in many different styles. As a musical form written in 2 4 or 6 8 time, the contredanse was used by Beethoven and
same political authority and dominant cultural expectations. Societies are characterized by patterns of relationships social relations between individuals
Index ratings of all countries in the world. The concept of LDCs originated in the late 1960s and the first group of LDCs was listed by the UN in its resolution
these roles for the smaller countries of the Commonwealth. The society is governed by its Council, which is chaired by the Society s President, according to
such as the Royal Entomological Society Most are either specific to a particular country e.g. the Entomological Society of Israel though they generally
approximately 7.1 million members in over 188 countries and territories. The Relief Society is often referred to by the church and others as one of the oldest

lending. Building societies exist in the United Kingdom and Australia, and used to exist in Ireland and several Commonwealth countries They are similar
Historical Society OHS is an organization that encourages and promotes the study and understanding of the history of the Oregon Country within the
Entomological and Natural History Society or BENHS is a British entomological society It is based at Dinton Pastures Country Park in Reading. BENHS was founded
popping up across the country As the economic troubles of the 1930s pushed the world ever - closer to war, Society members responded by helping to convert
interest, affiliated with the IEEE. The 50 - year - old Society has members and chapters in nearly every country throughout the world. As an active entity within
humane society is a group that aims to stop animal suffering due to cruelty or other reasons. In many countries the term is used mostly for societies for
surveillance by country provides information on the types and levels of Internet censorship and surveillance that is occurring in countries around the world
The Society of Antiquaries of London SAL is a learned society charged by its Royal Charter of 1751 with the encouragement, advancement and furtherance
closing of forty - seven houses of the Society in that country and 2500 religious were dispersed to other countries The motherhouse was relocated to Ixelles
of society or, on occasion, a man of society In 2016, in its 119th year, Country Life was the subject of a three - part documentary series made by Spun
relations between a European Country and Japan. The society is also known as the Japan Society of London, or simply as The Japan Society It grew out of a meeting

attended by Prince Hitachi. He echoed Russell s first words about Japan Society calling for closer people - to - people contact between the countries Japanese
able to partake in this form of society are sometimes called either computer users or even digital citizens, defined by K. Mossberger as Those who use
world s most powerful secret Society Because some secret societies have political aims, they are illegal in several countries Italy Constitution of Italy
form of Scotland, partly because Caledonian Country Dances became popular in upper - class London society in the decades after the Rebellion of 1745. When
the gentry, and between the country and city dwellers. It was a conflict that was bound to disturb all parts of society and a frequent slogan of the
than 200 countries and territories. They include: British and Foreign Bible Society 1804 National Bible Society of Ireland 1806 Bible Society of Northern
The Royal Basque Society of Friends of the Country in Basque Euskalerriaren Adiskideen Elkartea and in Spanish Real Sociedad Bascongada de Amigos del
an overseas country of the French Republic. Geographically, they form part of Polynesia. The archipelago is believed to have been named by Captain James
most countries These are the most recent statistics by continent, based on active members, or publishers as reported by the Watch Tower Society of Pennsylvania

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