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The Government Information Office, Executive Yuan GIO Chinese: 行政院新聞局 pinyin: Xingzheng Yuàn Xīnwen Ju was a cabinet - level agency of the Executive
Freedom of information laws allow access by the general public to data held by national governments The emergence of freedom of information legislation
partial disclosure of previously unreleased information and documents controlled by the United States government upon request. The act defines agency records
establishing a government - wide enterprise architecture that ensures system interoperability, information sharing, and maintains effective information security
to information under the control of a federal government institution. Paragraph 2. 1 of the Act Purpose declares that government information should
Netherlands Government Information Service Dutch: Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst, abbrev.: RVD is a Dutch government agency. The RVD is the official information service
Ministry of Information Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage abbreviated as MoIB is a Cabinet - level ministry of Government of Pakistan
The Government Communication and Information System GCIS is a South African government department primarily charged with managing government s public
The Ministry of Information Bengali: তথ য মন ত রণ লয abbreviated as MoI is a branch of the Government of Bangladesh is the apex body for formulation
The Ministry of Information MOI headed by the Minister of Information was a United Kingdom government department created briefly at the end of the

Quality of Government Institute at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, limits government openness to information released by the government or the extent
Classified information in the United Kingdom is a system used to protect information from intentional or inadvertent release to unauthorised readers.
security information generated by the U.S. government and its employees and contractors, as well as information received from other governments The desired
Communications and Information Abbreviation: MCI Malay: Kementerian Perhubungan dan Penerangan Chinese: 通讯及新闻部 is a ministry of the Government of Singapore
The Netherlands Indies Government Information Service NIGIS was a civil secret service and propaganda organisation based in Australia, during and after
levels of government city, state province, national, and international facilitating citizen involvement in governance using information and communication
An information minister also called minister of information is a position in the governments of some countries responsible for dealing with information
The Press Information Bureau, commonly abbreviated as PIB, is a nodal agency of the Government of India. Based in National Media Centre, New Delhi, Press
The Government Information Awareness GIA project was an initiative of the MIT Media Lab, designed to provide American citizens with digital tools for
Press Information Department or PID, is a government body responsible for disseminating government information to the media and a media regulatory organization

The Ministry of Information Policy Ukrainian: Міністерство інформаційної політики or MIP was a government ministry in Ukraine established on 2 December
Classified information is material that a government body deems to be sensitive information that must be protected. Access is restricted by law or regulation
The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Ministry of I B is a ministerial level agency of the Government of India responsible for the formulation
The Information and Communication Technology Authority is a Kenyan Government Owned Corporation tasked with rationalising and streamlining the management
implement ICT within government based on the National Backbone Computer Network consisting of five national networks. An Information Super - Highway was
federal government personnel, federal contractors and selected academic institutions. The general public can access unclassified information through its
Information science also known as information studies is a field primarily concerned with the analysis, collection, classification, manipulation, storage
The Ministry of Information Burmese: ပ န က ရ ဝန က ဌ န in Myanmar informs the public about government policy plans and implementation and supports
Information Act, 2002. Under the provisions of RTI Act, any citizen of India may request information from a public authority a body of Government or
Information systems IS are formal, sociotechnical, organizational systems designed to collect, process, store, and distribute information In a sociotechnical

Freedom of information laws by country

Freedom of information laws allow access by the general public to data held by national governments. The emergence of freedom of information legislation was ...

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Government Printing Bureau (Macau)

The Government Printing Bureau is the publisher of Macaus government gazettes. It is headquartered on Rua de Imprensa Nacional in São Lourenço.

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