Islamic philosophical texts

1126 1198 is an important Islamic philosophical treatise in which the author defends the use of Aristotelian philosophy within Islamic thought. It was written
constitutes a rare Islamic manuscript that has recently been discovered, it has generated a great deal of interest among Islamic Iranian and Middle
School, and philosophical activity declined significantly in Western Islamic countries such as Islamic Iberia and North Africa. Islamic philosophy persisted
contain both religious and philosophical thought. Islamic Philosophy Online Journal of Islamic Philosophy Leaman, Oliver. Islamic philosophy Routledge
Plotinus thought. Thus later Islamic philosophy, and European philosophy which built on the Islamic philosophical texts were based on this Neoplatonic
Philosophical anarchism is an anarchist school of thought which holds that the state lacks moral legitimacy while not supporting violence to eliminate
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Philosophical skepticism UK spelling: scepticism from Greek σκέψις skepsis, inquiry is a philosophical school of thought that questions the possibility
Edessa who visited Islamic centres of higher learning. The Islamic world then kept, translated, and developed many of these texts especially in centers

Al-isharat wa al-tanbihat

Al-Isharat wa’l-tanbihat is apparently one of the last books of Avicenna which is written in Arabic.

The Incoherence of the Incoherence

The Incoherence of the Incoherence by Andalusian Muslim polymath and philosopher Averroes is an important Islamic philosophical treatise in which the author ...

List of rasail in the Encyclopedia of the Brethren of Purity

The following is a list of the rasail which compose the influential Neoplatonic encyclopedia, the Encyclopedia of the Brethren of Purity composed by the Bret...