Biphasic disease

A biphasic disease is a disease which has two distinct phases or components. In clinically biphasic diseases, the phases are generally chronologically separated. In histopathologically biphasic tumors, there is neoplastic tissue which contains two different cellular elements.

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both in domestic and wild ruminants. The separation takes place through biphasic contractions. In the first contraction there is sending large particles
definitive host Accipter hawks. Pigeons infected with S. calchasi show a biphasic disease with polyuria, diarrhea and apathy. In the later periods of infection
normal in lead aVR. Lead V1 may have a T wave with positive, negative, or biphasic where positive is followed by negative, or vice versa. In addition, it
Pulsus bisferiens, also known as biphasic pulse, is an aortic waveform with two peaks per cardiac cycle, a small one followed by a strong and broad one
amyloidosis are termed biphasic amyloidosis, and provide support to the theory that these two variants of amyloidosis exist on the same disease spectrum. Lichen
Louping - ill is an acute viral disease primarily of sheep that is characterized by a biphasic fever, depression, ataxia, muscular incoordination, tremors
Hormann M. Baum C. Putensen N. J. Mutz H. Benzer January 1994 Biphasic positive airway pressure BIPAP - - a new mode of ventilatory support European
principal source of infection for humans. The disease typically follows a biphasic pattern in 72 87 of patients and the median incubation period is 8 days
United States, Mirconor and Nor - QD. In 1982, Ortho introduced the first biphasic oral contraceptive available in the United States, Ortho - Novum 10 11. In
However, the incubation period can vary from 6 days to 29 days. As a biphasic disease the first phase acute or septic phase ends after 3 to 7 days of

Non - invasive ventilation VPAP BIPAP Neurally adjusted ventilatory assist Biphasic cuirass ventilation Therapeutic ultrasound Minimally invasive procedures
that no air may reach either lung, this condition is a medical emergency. Biphasic stridor occurring during both the inspiratory and expiratory phases indicates
dopaminergic neurons. Quinelorane Eilam D, Szechtman H February 1989 Biphasic effect of D - 2 agonist quinpirole on locomotion and movements European
a ventilator in order to survive. However, it has now been shown that biphasic cuirass ventilation can effectively be used without the need for a tracheotomy
cold hemoglobinuria PCH In PCH, autoanti - P is of IgG isotype and is a biphasic hemolysin it is capable of hemolysis only after incubation at two different
attributed to a small cell variant form of the organism that is part of a biphasic developmental cycle, including a more metabolically and replicatively active
itself is classically biphasic or saddleback in nature, breaking and then returning for one or two days. In some people, the disease proceeds to a critical
above 39 C 102 F and sometimes reaching 40 C 104 F and may be biphasic - lasting several days, breaking, and then returning. Fever occurs with the
15252 msb.20167216. PMC 5147051. PMID 27875241. Karin O, Alon U June 2017 Biphasic response as a mechanism against mutant takeover in tissue homeostasis circuits
the gaskets. Another is retired lawyer Paul Alexander, 72, of Dallas. Biphasic cuirass ventilation BCV is a modern development of the iron lung, consisting
of malignant mesothelioma: epithelioid, sarcomatous, and biphasic Epithelioid and biphasic mesothelioma make up approximately 75 - 95 of mesotheliomas

Calabrese EJ. Modulation of the epileptic seizure threshold: implications of biphasic dose responses. Critical Reviews in Toxicology. 2008 38 6 543 - 56. DOI
presentations, A and B, it is now considered an evolving wave form, initially of biphasic T wave inversions and later becoming symmetrical, often deep 2 mm T
pattern, rather than a form of insomnia. If interrupted sleep called biphasic sleeping or bimodal sleep is perceived as normal and not referred to
definition 30 lower than the person s baseline or below standard values. Biphasic anaphylaxis is the recurrence of symptoms within 1 72 hours with no further
Mineralocorticoid manifestations of severe 11β - hydroxylase deficient CAH can be biphasic changing from deficiency salt - wasting in early infancy to excess hypertension
cancer cells by two - dimensional nanoLC - MS using a calcined titania C18 biphasic column Analytical Sciences. 24 1 161 6. doi: 10.2116 analsci.24.161
by paramagnetic agents, that produce high signal on both sequences, or biphasic contrast media, that gives high signal intensity in T2 and low intensity
or around birth. It must be removed to be cured. Definitions: A rare, biphasic neuroblastic, and pigmented epithelial neoplasm of craniofacial sites