Fractionalism is the government system that is the closest to a confederation but differs when the market system is a central market owned mostly by the government and very little by the people, yet the people have more control over it than the control of the government. This is possible by the fact that in fractionalism, the central government, on the federal level, is made up of several levels to ensure the utmost security for the peoples government.
The whole nation is broken down into several small city-states. The national government cannot intervene in any acts that the city-state chooses to enforce unless it could weaken the unity of the country as a whole. Other than that, the national government cannot intervene unless there is an almost guaranteed economic collapse in the city state, a widespread famine or biological plague, or other state of emergencies declared by that city state. However, in the case of war, the national military can inhabit any city state without the need to ask permission of any form of state or local government.


Fractional calculus is a branch of mathematical analysis that studies the several different possibilities of defining real number powers or complex number
Fractional ownership is a method in which several unrelated parties can share in, and mitigate the risk of, ownership of a high - value tangible asset, usually
dynamical systems and control theory, a fractional - order system is a dynamical system that can be modeled by a fractional differential equation containing derivatives
The fractional quantum Hall effect FQHE is a physical phenomenon in which the Hall conductance of 2D electrons shows precisely quantised plateaus at
In mathematics, in the area of harmonic analysis, the fractional Fourier transform FRFT is a family of linear transformations generalizing the Fourier
Fractional crystallization may refer to: Fractional crystallization chemistry a process to separate different solutes from a solution Fractional crystallization
In probability theory, fractional Brownian motion fBm also called a fractal Brownian motion, is a generalization of Brownian motion. Unlike classical
Fractional - reserve banking is the most common form of banking practised by commercial banks worldwide. It involves banks accepting deposits from customers
In physics, fractional quantum mechanics is a generalization of standard quantum mechanics, which naturally comes out when the Brownian - like quantum paths
Fractional coloring is a topic in a young branch of graph theory known as fractional graph theory. It is a generalization of ordinary graph coloring. In

Fractional Aircraft is a common term for fractional ownership of aircraft where multiple owners share the costs of purchasing, leasing and operating the
In statistics, fractional factorial designs are experimental designs consisting of a carefully chosen subset fraction of the experimental runs of a full
In mathematics, in particular commutative algebra, the concept of fractional ideal is introduced in the context of integral domains and is particularly
Fractional - order control FOC is a field of control theory that uses the fractional - order integrator as part of the control system design toolkit. The
In chemistry, fractional crystallization is a method of refining substances based on differences in their solubility. It fractionates via differences in
Fractional distillation is the separation of a mixture into its component parts, or fractions. Chemical compounds are separated by heating them to a temperature
A fractional - order integrator or just simply fractional integrator is an integrator device that calculates the fractional - order integral or derivative
Fractional crystallization, or crystal fractionation, is one of the most important geochemical and physical processes operating within crust and mantle
Fractional currency, also referred to as shinplasters, was introduced by the United States federal government following the outbreak of the Civil War.
The fractional Schrodinger equation is a fundamental equation of fractional quantum mechanics. It was discovered by Nick Laskin 1999 as a result of
The fractional excretion of sodium FENa is the percentage of the sodium filtered by the kidney which is excreted in the urine. It is measured in terms

A fractional - horsepower motor FHP is an electric motor with a rated output power of 746.9 or 746 Watts or less. There is no defined minimum output, however
In mathematical optimization, linear - fractional programming LFP is a generalization of linear programming LP Whereas the objective function in a linear
Fractional flow reserve FFR is a technique used in coronary catheterization to measure pressure differences across a coronary artery stenosis narrowing
A fractional rig on a sailing vessel consists of a foresail, such as a jib or genoa sail, that does not reach all the way to the top of the mast. In the
Thornton Fractional North High School T.F. North, TF North, TFN in Calumet City, Illinois first opened its doors in March 1926 as Thornton Fractional Township
In fractional calculus, an area of mathematical analysis, the differintegral is a combined differentiation integration operator. Applied to a function
The fractional Chebyshev collocation FCC method is an efficient spectral method for solving a system of linear fractional - order differential equations
Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis is a peer - reviewed mathematics journal published by Walter de Gruyter. It covers research on fractional calculus
mathematics, Katugampola fractional operators are integral operators that generalize the Riemann Liouville and the Hadamard fractional operators into a unique