Boundary commission

A boundary commission is a legal entity that determines borders of nations, states, constituencies.
Notable boundary commissions have included:
Boundary commissions United Kingdom of the United Kingdom
Afghan Boundary Commission, an Anglo-Russian Boundary Commission, of 1885 and 1893, delineated the northern frontier of Afghanistan.
Anglo-Turkish Boundary Commission of 1902–1905, delineated the border between Yemen and the Aden Protectorate.
Boundary Commissions Netherlands of Indonesia
Boundary Commission Alaska Panhandle of the Alaska Panhandle
Boundary Commission Ireland between the United Kingdom and Ireland
Boundary Commission Maine of Maine
Comision de Limites, the Mexican Boundary Commission after the Adams–Onis Treaty
International Boundary and Water Commission, for the US–Mexico border
Canada–United States International Boundary Commission, for the Canada–US border
Boundary Commission Pacific Northwest of the Pacific Northwest


There are four separate boundary commissions Boundary Commission for England Boundary Commission for Scotland Boundary Commission for Wales Welsh: Comisiwn
The Irish Boundary Commission Irish: Coimisiun na Teorainne met in 1924 25 to decide on the precise delineation of the border between the Irish Free
The International Boundary Commission French: Commission de la frontiere internationale is an international organization responsible for surveying and
Local Government Boundary Commission may refer to: Local Government Boundary Commission 1945 1949 Local Government Boundary Commission for England 1972
The Local Government Boundary Commission was established in 1945 to review the boundaries of local authority areas in England and Wales outside the Counties
commission or Boundary commission of India is a commission established by the Government of India under the provisions of the Delimitation Commission
The Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales Welsh: Comisiwn Ffiniau a Democratiaeth Leol Cymru is a Welsh Government sponsored body, responsible
Elections and Boundaries Commission is the primary electoral body in Belize. It supervises all local and national elections. The Commission also establishes
The Local Government Boundary Commission for England LGBCE is a parliamentary body established by statute to conduct boundary electoral and structural
The International Boundary and Water Commission Spanish: Comision Internacional de Limites y Aguas is an international body created by the United States