Government spin-off

Government spin-off is civilian goods which are the collateral result of military or governmental research. One prominent example of a type of government spin-off is technology that has been commercialized through NASA funding, research, licensing, facilities, or assistance. NASA spin-off technologies have been publicized by the agency in its Spinoff publication since 1976.
The Internet is a specific example of a government spin-off resulting from DARPA funding.
In some fields, such as computer hardware, private sector development has outpaced government and military research, and the government procures commercial off-the-shelf products for many applications.

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spin - off in the United Kingdom. Government spin - off civilian goods which are the result of military or governmental research NASA spin - off a spin - off of
As such, university academic spin - offs are a subcategory of research spin - offs Prominent examples of university spin - offs are Genentech, Crucell, Lycos
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This is a list of spin - offs from SRI International. SRI International SRI previously known as Stanford Research Institute, is a research and innovation
DC: U.S. Government Printing Office. NASA 1978 Spin - off PDF Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office. NASA 1981 Spin - off PDF Washington
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This is a list of audio productions based on spin offs from the long - running British science fiction television series Doctor Who produced by Big Finish
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