List of fossil primates

This is a list of fossil primates - extinct primates for which there are fossils. Primates are usually considered to have evolved from a small, non-specialized mammals, which probably ate insects and fruit. However, the precise source of the primates remains controversial and even their arboreal origin has recently been questioned. As suggested, many other orders of mammals is also of wood, but they did not develop the same characteristics as primates. Currently, some well-known genera such as Purgatorius and Plesiadapis, is considered the most ancient of primates for a long time, usually are not considered as such by contemporary authors, which, as a rule, include them in the new Plesiadapiformes order within the superorder Euarchontoglires. Some, to avoid confusion, use the unrated term Euprimates, Plesiadapiformes which eliminates. What denomination is not used here.
There is a scientific debate about the time the first primates appeared. One of the first probable fossil Primate is Altiatlasius problematic koulchii possible Omomyid, but perhaps not the Plesiadapiform primates, who lived in Morocco, in the Paleocene, around 60 mA. However, other studies, including molecular clock studies, have estimated the origin of the Primate branch was in the middle of the Cretaceous period, about 85 MA, that is, in the moment before the extinction of the dinosaurs and the successful radiation of mammals. However, there seems to be a consensus about the monophyletic origin of the order, although the evidence is not clear. There are no known fossils that can be directly related to the living African apes, nor any that could be considered representative of the last common ancestor between them and humans.
The primates order, established by Linnaeus in 1758, includes humans and their immediate ancestors. However, contrary to common belief, the majority of primates have particularly large brains. The size of the brain is the derived character that appeared only with the genus Homo, and not enough to the first hominids. In fact, encephalization hominid is only 1.5 MA later than some Dolphin species. The coefficient of encephalization some cetaceans therefore higher than that of most primates, including closest relatives of humans such as Australopithecus.
This list comes partly from Walter Carl Hartwigs 2002 in the book of Record of fossil primates and John G. Fleagles 2013 book adaptation of primates and evolution 3rd edition. Parenthesis, author name and date indicates a change in the generic name of the fossil, as specified in the International code of Zoological nomenclature ICZN. After the publication of the book, as well as the creation of this article, a New fossil taxon was discovered that allowed to improve the taxonomy among primates in General.


1.1. Strepsirrhini Adapoidea
Ekgmowechashalidae Zalai, 1976. (Залай Ekgmowechashalidae, 1976)
Bugtilemur Marivaux et al. 2001.
Bugtilemur mathesoni Marivaux et al. 2001.
Ekgmowechashala MacDonald, 1963. (Ekgmowechashala Макдональд, 1963)
Zancanellai Ekgmowechashala Samuels, Albright & Fremd, 2015.
Philotau Ekgmowechashala MacDonald, 1963.
Gatanthropus Mikros N et al. 2016.
Gatanthropus N et al. 2016.
Muangthanhinius By siami et al. 2006.
Muangthanhinius Marivaux et al. 2006.
Notharctinae Trouessart, 1879. (Trouessart Notharctinae, 1879)
Ralstoni cantius Matthew, 1915.
Notharctidae Trouessart, 1879.
Gingerich cantius mckennai & Simons, 1977.
Cantius eppsi Cooper, 1932.
Cantius lohseorum Robinson, 2016.
Cantius torresi Gingerich, 1986.
Gingerich cantius abditus & Simmons, 1977.
Cantius nuniensis cope, 1881.
Cantius antediluvius Kihm, 1992.
Cantius Simons, 1962. (Кантия Симонс, 1962)
Cantius Angulatus cope, 1875.
Cantius frugivorus cope, 1875.
Cantius Savagei Gingerich, 1977.
Copelemur tutus cope, 1877.
Copelemur australotutus beard, 1988.
Gingerich Copelemur & Simons, 1977.
Copelemur praetutus Gazin, 1962.
Hesperolemur Gunnell, 1995.
Hesperolemuractius Gunnell, 1995.
Megaceralemur Robinson, 2016. (Megaceralemur Робинзон, 2016)
Megaceralemur matthewi Robinson, 2016.
Megaceralemur trigonodus Matthew, 1915.
Notharctus Leidy, 1870. (Лейд Notharctus, 1870)
Venticolus Notharctus Osborn, 1902.
Notharctus robustior Leidy, 1870.
We Notharctus Granger & Gregory 1917.
Notharctus Tenebrosus Leidy, 1870.
Pelycodus danielsae Froehlich and Lucas, 1991.
Pelycodus jarrovii cope, 1874.
Pelycodus Cope, 1875. (Pelycodus Справляется, 1875)
Pinolophus meikei Robinson, 2016.
Pinolophus Robinson, 2016. (Pinolophus Робинзон, 2016)
Smilodectes Wortman, 1903. (Smilodectes Вортман, 1903)
Smilodectes gingerichi beard, 1988.
Smilodectes mcgrewi Gingerich, 1979.
Thin Smilodectes March, 1871.
Agerinia Roselli Crusafont-Pairo & Golpe-Posse, 1973.
Gingerich Cercamoniinae, 1975. (Джинджерича Cercamoniinae, 1975)
Agerinia marandati Femenias-Gual, Minwer-Barakat, Marigot, Poyatos-more, and Moya-Sola, 2017.
Agerinia Crusafont-Pairo & Golpe-Posse, 1973.
Agerinia smithorum Femenias-Gual, Minwer-Barakat, Marigot and Moya-Sola, 2016.
Anchomomys Godino, representative crocheti, 1988.
Anchomomys pygmaeus Rutimeyer, 1890.
Kersey Anchomomys Stehlin, 1916.
Anchomomys Stehlin, 1916. (Stehlin Anchomomys, 1916)
Anchomomys gaillardi Stehlin, 1916.
Hauboldi Barnesia Thalmann, 1994.
Barnesia Thalmann, 1994. (Barnesia Тельмана, 1994)
Buxella Prisca Godino, representative, 1988.
Buxella Magna Godino, representative, 1988.
Buxella Godino, Representative, 1988.
Donrussellia Gallica Russell, Louis and savage, 1967.
Donrussellia Russell. (Donrussellia Рассел)
Donrussellia Magna. (Donrussellia Магна)
Donrussellia provincialis.
Donrussellia Zalai, 1976. (Залай Donrussellia, 1976)
Donrussellia louisi.
Mazateronodon Marigot, Minwer-Barakat, & Moya-Sola 2010.
Mazateronodon endemicus Marigot, Minwer-Barakat, & Moya-Sola 2010.
Panobius Afridi Russell & Gingerich, 1987.
Panobius Russell & Gingerich, 1987.
Periconodon helleri Schwartz et al. 1983.
Periconodon jaegeri Godino, representative, 1988.
Periconodon lemoinei Gingerich, 1977.
Periconodon Gingerich huerzeleri, 1977.
Periconodon helveticus Rutimeyer, 1891.
Periconodon Stehlin, 1916.
Curvicuspidens Protoadapis Lemoine, 1878.
Protoadapis angustidens Filhol, 1888.
Protoadapis Ignoratus Thalmann, 1994.
Protoadapis Lemoine, 1878. (Protoadapis Лемуан, 1878)
Protoadapis Gingerich weigelti, 1977.
Recticuspidens Protoadapis Lemoine, 1878.
Muechelnensis Protoadapis Thalmann, 1994.
Protoadapis brachyrhynchus Stehlin, 1912.
De Pronycticebus gaudryi Grandidier, 1904.
De Pronycticebus Grandidier, 1904.
Pronycticebus neglectus Thalmann et al. 1989.
Asiadapidae rose et al. 2009.
Anthrasimias Bajpai et al. 2008.
Anthrasimias gujaratensis Bajpai et al. 2008.
Asiadapis rose et al. 2007.
Asiadapis tapiensis rose et al. 2018.
Asiadapis cambayensis rose et al. 2007.
Marcgodinotius Tsesis Bajpai et al. 2005.
Marcgodinotius Bajpai et al. 2005.
Adapis sudrei Gingerich, 1977.
Adapis parisiensis de Blainville, 1841.
Adapidae Trouessart, 1879.
Collinsonae Adapis hooker, 1986.
Adapis Cuvier, 1821. (Adapis Кювье, 1821)
Adapis Bruni. (Adapis Бруни)
Trouesart Adapinae, 1879.
Cryptadapis laharpei Godino, representative, 1984.
Cryptadapis Godino, Representative, 1984.
Cryptadapis Tertius Godino, representative, 1984.
Leptadapis Gervais, 1876. (Leptadapis Жерве, 1876)
Leptadapis assolicus.
Leptadapis Magnus Filhol, 1874.
Leptadapis ruetimeyeri Stehlin, 1912.
Leptadapis capellae Crusafont-Pairo, 1967.
Leptadapis leenhardti Stehlin, 1912.
Leptadapis filholi Godino, representative & Kuetta 2008.
Magnadapis Godino, Representative & Kuetta 2008.
Magnadapis laurenceae Godino, representative & Kuetta 2008.
Magnadapis Freddie Godino, representative & Kuetta 2008.
Magnadapis Godino, representative quercyi & Kuetta 2008.
Magnadapis inter Godino, representative & Kuetta 2008.
Microadapis Zalai, 1974. (Microadapis Залай, 1974)
Microadapis sciureus Stehlin, 1916.
Microadapis lynnae.
Delfortrie Palaeolemur, 1873. (Palaeolemur Delfortrie, 1873)
Palaeolemur betillei Delfortrie, 1873.
Paradapis Priscus Stehlin, 1916.
Paradapis ruetimeyeri Stehlin 1912.
Paradapis Tattersal & Schwartz 1983.
Caenopithecinae Zalai & Delson 1979.
Adapoides beard et al. 1994.
Adapoides troglodytes beard et al. 1994.
Afradapis longicristatus Seiffert et al. 2009.
Afradapis Seiffert et al. 2009.
Aframonius diedes Simons et al. 1995.
Aframonius Simons et al. 1995.
Caenopithecus lemuroides Rutimeyer, 1862.
Caenopithecus Rutimeyer, 1862.
Darwinia masillae Franzen et al. 2009.
Darwinia Franzen et al. 2009.
Europolemur dunaifi Tattersal & Schwartz, 1983.
Europolemur koenigswald Franzen, 1987.
Europolemur Weigelt, 1933. (Europolemur Вайгельт, 1933)
Klatti Europolemur Weigelt, 1933.
Godinotia Neglecta Thalmann, Haubold & Martin, 1989.
Godinotia Franzen, 2000. (Godinotia Франзен, 2000)
Mahgarita stevensi Wilson and Zalai, 1976.
Mahgarita Wilson And Zalai, 1976.
2017 Masradapis Seifert, Boyer, Fleagle, Gunnell, Heesy, Perry, Welcomed.
2017 Masradapis tahai Seifert, Boyer, Fleagle, Gunnell, Heesy, Perry and welcomed.
Mescalerolemur Horneri Kirk & Williams, 2011.
Mescalerolemur Kirk & Williams, 2011.
Sivaladapidae Thomas And Verma, 1979.
Ramadapis Gilbert, Patel, Singh, Campisano, Fleagle, rust, and Bijou 2017.
Sahnii Ramadapis Gilbert, Patel, Singh, Campisano, Fleagle, rust, and Bijou 2017.
Kamlialensis Indraloris Flynn and Morgan, 2005.
Sivaladapinae Thomas And Verma, 1979.
Indraloris Lewis, 1933. (Indraloris Льюис, 1933)
Indraloris himalayensis pilgrim, 1932.
Sinoadapis carnosus Wu & pan, 1985.
Sinoadapis Wu & Pan, 1985.
Sivaladapis Nagrii Prasad, 1970.
Sivaladapis palaendicus pilgrim, 1932.
Gingerich Sivaladapis & Sahni, 1979.
Hoanghonius stehlini Zdansky, 1930.
Hoanghonius Zdansky, 1930.
Hoanghoniinae Gingerich et al. 1994.
Qinlinensis Lushius Chow, 1961.
Lushius Chow, 1961. (Lushius Чоу, 1961)
Rencunius zhoui Gingerich et al. 1994.
Rencunius Gingerich et al. 1994.
Wailekia East Ducrocq et al. 1995.
Wailekia Ducrocq et al. 1995.
Incertae Sedis. (Incertae Седи)
Guangxilemur Qi And Beard, 1998.
Guangxilemur Tongi Qi and beard, 1998.
Kyitchaungia takaii beard et al. 2007.
Kyitchaungia beard et al. 2007.
Laomaki yunnanensis N et al. 2016.
Laomaki N et al. 2016.
Paukkaungia beard et al. 2007.
Paukkaungia Parva beard et al. 2007.
Siamoadapis maemohensis Chaimanee et al. 2007.
Siamoadapis Chaimanee et al. 2007.
Yunnanadapis folivorus N et al. 2016.
Yunnanadapis N et al. 2016.
Yunnanadapis Emperor N et al. 2016.

1.2. Strepsirrhini Infraorder Chiromyiformes. (Инфраотряд Chiromyiformes)
Daubentoniidae Gray, 1863. (Daubentoniidae Серый, 1863)
Daubentonia E. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1795.
Daubentonia Robusta Lamberton, 1934.
Plesiopithecidae Simons and Rasmussen, 1994.
Plesiopithecus Simons, 1992. (Plesiopithecus Симонс, 1992)
Teras Plesiopithecus Simons, 1992.
Propottidae Butler, 1984. (Propottidae Батлер, 1984)
Propotto Simpson, 1967. (Propotto Симпсон, 1967)
Propotto Leakeyi Simpson, 1967.

1.3. Strepsirrhini Basal and stem group Lemuriformes. (Прикорневые и стеблевые группы Lemuriformes)
Family Azibiidae Gingerich, 1976.
Algeripithecus Godino, Representative & Mahboubi, 1992.
Algeripithecus baby Godino, representative & Mahboubi, 1992.
Sudro Azibius, 1975.
Trerki Azibius Sudre, 1975.
Djebelemuridae Hartenberger and Marandat, 1992.
Unnamed Anchomomys. (Безымянный Anchomomys)
Anchomomys Milleri Simons, 1997.
Djebelemur Hartenberger and Marandat, 1992.
Djebelemur martinezi Hartenberger & Marandat, 1992.
Namaia Pickford et al. 2008.
Namaia bogenfelsi Pickford et al. 2008.
Omanodon Gheerbrant et al. 1993.
Omanodon small Gheerbrant et al. 1993.
Shizarodon Gheerbrant et al. 1993.
Shizarodon dhofarensis Gheerbrant et al. 1993.
Plesiopithecidae Simons and Rasmussen, 1994.
Plesiopithecus Simons, 1992. (Plesiopithecus Симонс, 1992)
Teras Plesiopithecus Simons, 1992.

1.4. Strepsirrhini Lemuroidea
Subfossil lemurs:
Archaeolemuridae G. Grandier, 1905.
Archaeolemur Filhol, 1895.
Maiori Archaeolemur Filhol, 1895.
Edwardsi Archaeolemur Filhol, 1895.
Hadropithecus Lorenz von Liburnau, 1899.
Hadropithecus stenognathus Lorenz von Liburnau, 1899.
Palaeopropithecidae Tattersall, 1973. (Palaeopropithecidae Тэттерсел, 1973)
Mesopropithecus Standing, 1905. (Mesopropithecus Стоя, 1905)
Pithecoides Mesopropithecus standing, 1905.
Mesopropithecus most Simons et al. 1995.
Wrist Mesopropithecus Lamberton, 1936.
Babakotia Godfrey et al. 1990.
Babakotia radofilai Godfrey et al. 1990.
Palaeopropithecus De G. Grandidier, 1899.
Palaeopropithecus kelyus Gommery et al. 2010.
De Palaeopropithecus ingens G. Grandidier, 1899.
Palaeopropithecus Maximus stood, 1903.
Archaeoindris Standing, 1909. (Archaeoindris Стоя, 1909)
Archaeoindris fontoynontii standing, 1909.
Megaladapidae Forsyth Major, 1894.
Megaladapis Forsyth Major, 1894.
Subgenus: Megaladapis. (Подрод: Megaladapis)
Megaladapis madagascariensis Forsythe-major, 1894.
Megaladapis grandidieri standing, 1903.
Subgenus: Peloriadapis. (Подрод: Peloriadapis)
Peloriadapis de Megaladapis edwardsi Grandidier, 1899.
Lemuridae Gray, 1821. (Lemuridae Серый, 1821)
Pachylemur Lamberton, 1946. (Ламбертон Pachylemur, 1946)
Pachylemur Insignis Filhol, 1895.
Jullyi Pachylemur Lamberton, 1948.

1.5. Strepsirrhini Lorisiformes
Lorisidae Gray, 1821. (Lorisidae Серый, 1821)
Karanisia Seiffert et al. 2003.
Karanisia clarki Seiffert et al. 2003.
Mioeuoticus Leakey, 1962. (Mioeuoticus Лики, 1962)
Bishopi Mioeuoticus Leakey, 1962.
Mioeuoticus kichotoi Kunimatsu, Tsujikawa, Nakatsukasa, Shimizu, Kakuta, Kikuchi, Nakano, Takano, Morimoto and Ishida, 2017.
Mioeuoticus shipmani Phillips & Walker, 2000.
Nycticeboides Jacobs, 1981. (Nycticeboides Якобс, 1981)
Nycticeboides Simpsoni Jacobs, 1981.
Galagidae Gray, 1825. (Galagidae Серый, 1825)
The Galago Geoffroy, 1796.
Bushbaby sadimanensis Walker, 1987.
Howelli Wesselman bushbaby, 1984.
Farafraensis bushbaby Pickford, Wanas & Soliman 2006.
Komba Simspon, 1967. (Комба Simspon, 1967)
Komba Mccrossin winamensis, 1992.
Komba minor Le Gros Clark and Thomas 1952.
Komba of Robustos Le Gros Clark and Thomas 1952.
Progalago The McInnes, 1943.
Progalago the McInnes dorae, 1943.
Songhorensis Progalago Simpson, 1967.
Saharagalago Seiffert et al. 2003.
Saharagalago misrensis Seiffert et al. 2003.
Wadilemur Simons, 1997. (Wadilemur Симонс, 1997)
Elegans Wadilemur Simons, 1997.

2. Haplorhini
Teilhardina Simpson, 1940. (Teilhardina Симпсон, 1940)
Teilhardina Belgica Teilhard de Chardin, 1927.
Teilhardina d n et al. 2004.
Archicebus N et al. 2013.
Archicebus Achilles with N et al. 2013.
Asian Chaimanee et al. 2012.
Asian djijidae Chaimanee et al. 2012.
Afrotarsius Simons & Bown, 1985.
Afrotarsius chatrathi Simons & Bown, 1985.
Afrotarsius libycus Jaeger et al. 2010.
Saadaniidae Zalmout et al. 2010.
Saadanius Zalmout et al. 2010.
Saadanius hijazensis Zalmout et al. 2010.

2.1. Haplorhini Tarsiiformes, incertae Sedis. (Tarsiiformes, incertae Седи)
Altanius Dashzeveg & McKenna, 1977.
Orlov Altanius Dashzeveg & McKenna, 1977.
Altiatlasius silence et al. 1990.
Altiatlasius koulchii silence et al. 1990.

2.2. Haplorhini Omomyoidea
Omomyidae Trouessart, 1879.
Baataromomys no beard, man, WAN, And Gebo 2007.
Baataromomys ulaanus no beard, man, WAN, And Gebo 2007.
Kohatius Russell & Gingerich, 1980.
Kohatius coppensi Russell & Gingerich, 1980.
Microchoerinae Lydekker, 1887.
Melaneremia Hooker 2007. (Melaneremia Проститутка 2007)
Melaneremia Bryanti hooker 2007.
Microchoerus Wood, 1846. (Microchoerus Древесины, 1846)
Microchoerus creechbarrowensis hooker, 1986.
Microchoerus hookeri Minwer-Barakat, Marigot, Femenias-Gual, residences, Esteban-Trivigno, and Moya-Sola 2017.
Microchoerus ornatus Stehlin, 1916.
Microchoerus Vardy hooker, 1986.
Microchoerus edwardsi Filhol, 1880.
Order Microchoerus wood, 1846.
Necrolemur Filhol, 1873.
Necrolemur zitteli Schlosser, 1887.
Necrolemur antiquus Filhol, 1873.
Necrolemur anadoni Minwer-Barakat, Marigot & Moya-Sola, 2015.
Nannopithex Stehlin, 1916.
Nannopithex filholi Chantre & Gaillard, 1897.
Nannopithex raabi Heller, 1930.
Nannopithex quaylei hooker, 1986.
Nannopithex humilidens Thalmann, 1994.
Nannopithex zuccolae Godino, representative, et al. 1992.
Pseudoloris Stehlin, 1916.
Pseudoloris godinoti Kohler & Moya-Sola, 1999.
Pseudoloris parvulus Filhol, 1890.
Pseudoloris crusafonti Louis and Sudre, 1975.
Pseudoloris isabenae Crusafont-Pairo, 1967.
Anaptomorphinae Cope, 1883. (Anaptomorphinae Справляется, 1883)
Tribe: Anaptomorphini. (Племя: Anaptomorphini)
Anaptomorphus Cope, 1872. (Anaptomorphus Справляется, 1872)
Anaptomorphus aemulus cope, 1872.
Anaptomorphus westi Zalai, 1976.
Tetonius Matthew, 1915. (Tetonius Матфея, 1915)
Tetonius homunculus cope, 1882.
Tetonius mckennai Bown and rose, 1987.
Tetonius matthewi Bown and rose, 1987.
Absarokius Matthew, 1915. (Absarokius Матфея, 1915)
Absarokius metoecus Bown and rose, 1987.
Absarokius Laos notification Loomis, 1906.
Absarokius of Australis Bown and rose, 1987.
Absarokius nocerai Robinson, 1966.
Witteri Absarokius Morris, 1954.
"Teilhardina" Simpson, 1940. ("Teilhardina" Симпсон, 1940)
Teilhardina brandti Gingerich, 1993.
"Teilhardina" tenuicula Jepsen, 1930.
"Teilhardina" gingerichi rose, chew, Dunne, Kraus, Fricke, and Zack, 2012.
"Teilhardina" demissa roses, 1995.
Bownomomys Morse et al. 2018.
Bownomomys americanus Bown, 1976.
Bownomomys crassidens)Bown and rose, 1987).
Anemorhysis Gazin 1958. (Anemorhysis Газин 1958)
Anemorhysis sublettensis Gazin 1952.
Anemorhysis pearcei Gazin, 1962.
Anemorhysis pattersoni Bown and rose, 1984.
Anemorhysis Savagei Williams & covert, 1994.
Anemorhysis wortmani Bown and rose, 1984.
Anemorhysis natronensis beard et al. 1992.
Chlororhysis Gazin 1958. (Chlororhysis Газин 1958)
Chlororhysis incomptus Bown and rose, 1984.
Chlororhysis knightensis Gazin 1958.
Pseudotetonius Bown, 1974. (Pseudotetonius Баун, 1974)
Pseudotetonius ambiguus Bown, 1974.
Arapahovius Savage & Waters, 1978.
Arapahovius advena Bown and rose, 1991.
Arapahovius gazini Savage & waters, 1978.
Aycrossia Bown, 1979. (Aycrossia Баун, 1979)
Aycrossia lovei Bown, 1979.
Strigorhysis Bown, 1979. (Strigorhysis Баун, 1979)
Strigorhysis rugosus Bown, 1979.
Strigorhysis huerfanensis Bown and rose, 1987.
Strigorhysis bridgerensis Bown, 1979.
Gazinius Bown, 1979. (Gazinius Баун, 1979)
Gazinius amplus Bown, 1979.
Gazinius bowni Gunnell, 1995.
Tatmanius Bown And Rose, 1991.
Tatmanius szalayi Bown and rose, 1991.
Tribe: Trogolemurini. (Племя: Trogolemurini)
Trogolemur Matthew, 1909. (Trogolemur Матфея, 1909)
Trogolemur myodes Matthew, 1909.
Trogolemur amplior beard et al. 1992.
Trogolemur generally beard et al. 1992.
Sphacorhysis Gunnell, 1995.
Sphacorhysis burntforkensis Gunnell, 1995.
Walshina Lopez-Torres, Silcox, and Holroyd, 2018.
Walshina esmaraldensis Lopez-Torres, Silcox, and Holroyd, 2018.
Mcgrewi Walshina Robinson, 1968.
Krishtalka Walshina shifrae, 1978.
Omomyinae Trouessart, 1879.
Atwater Brontomomys and kirk, 2018.
Atwater Brontomomys Cerruti and kirk, 2018.
Diablomomys Williams and kirk 2008.
Dalquesti Diablomomys Williams and kirk 2008.
Atwater Ekwiiyemakius and kirk, 2018.
Atwater walshi Ekwiiyemakius and kirk, 2018.
Atwater Gunnelltarsius and kirk, 2018.
Atwater randalli Gunnelltarsius and kirk, 2018.
Tribe: Omomyiini. (Племя: Omomyiini)
Omomys Leidy, 1869. (Omomys Лейд, 1869)
Omomys lloydi Gazin 1958.
Omomys carteri Leidy, 1869.
Steinius Bown And Rose, 1984.
Steinius annectens Bown and rose, 1991.
Steinius vespertinus Matthew, 1915.
Shares Chumashius, 1933. (Chumashius Акций, 1933)
Balchi stock Chumashius, 1933.
Tribe: Washakiini. (Племя: Washakiini)
Washakius Leidy, 1873. (Washakius Лейд, 1873)
Washakius woodringi shares, 1938.
Washakius izetti honey, 1990.
Washakius Laurae Simpson, 1959.
Washakius insignis Leidy, 1873.
Shoshonius Granger, 1910. (Shoshonius Грейнджер, 1910)
Shoshonius bowni honey, 1990.
Shoshonius cooperi Granger, 1910.
Dyseolemur Stock, 1934. (Dyseolemur Акции, 1934)
Dyseolemur stock pacificus., 1934.
Loveina Simpson, 1940. (Loveina Симпсон, 1940)
Loveina Loomis minute, 1906.
Simspon Loveina zephyri, 1940.
Loveina wapitiensis Gunnell et al. 1992.
Tribe: Utahiini. (Племя: Utahiini)
Utahia Gazin 1958. (Utahia Газин 1958)
Utahia kayy Gazin 1958.
Utahia Karina Muldoon and Gunnell, 2002.
Stockia Gazin 1958. (Stockia Газин 1958)
Stockia powayensis Gazin 1958.
Chipetaia Rasmussen, 1996. (Chipetaia Расмуссен, 1996)
Lamporea Chipetaia Rasmussen, 1996.
Asiomomys Wang And Li, 1990.
Changbaicus Asiomomys Wang And Li, 1990.
Tribe: Ourayiini. (Племя: Ourayiini)
Wyomomys Gunnell, 1995.
Wyomomys bridgeri Gunnell, 1995.
Ageitodendron Gunnell, 1995.
Ageitodendron matthewi Gunnell, 1995.
Ourayia Gazin 1958. (Ourayia Газин 1958)
Ourayia uintensis Osborn, 1895.
Ourayia Hopsoni Robinson, 1968.
Tribe: Macrotarsiini. (Племя: Macrotarsiini)
Macrotarsius Clark, 1941. (Macrotarsius Кларк, 1941)
Siegerti Macrotarsius Robinson, 1968.
Macrotarsius Montanus Clark, 1941.
Macrorhysis Macrotarsius beard et al. 1994.
Macrotarsius Jepseni Robinson, 1968.
Roederi Macrotarsius Kelly, 1990.
Hemiacodon March, 1872. (Hemiacodon Марта 1872)
Hemiacodon casamissus beard et al. 1992.
Thin Hemiacodon March, 1872.
Yaquius Mason, 1990. (Yaquius Мейсон, 1990)
Yaquius travisi Mason, 1990.
Tribe: Uintaniini. (Племя: Uintaniini)
Uintanius Matthew, 1915. (Uintanius Матфея, 1915)
Uintanius ameghini Wortman, 1904.
Uintanius rutherfurdi Robinson, 1966.
Jemezius Beard, 1987. (Jemezius Борода, 1987)
Jemezius szalayi beard, 1987.
Tribus: Rooneyini. (Трибус: Rooneyini)
Rooneyia Wilson, 1966. (Rooneyia Уилсон, 1966)
Viejaensis Rooneyia Wilson, 1966.
Tarsiidae Gray, 1825. (Tarsiidae Серый, 1825)
Hesperotarsius Zijlstra, Flynn, and Wessels, 2013.
Hesperotarsius thailandicus Ginsburg & Mein, 1987.
Hesperotarsius Zijlstra sindhensis, Flynn, and Wessels, 2013.
Oligotarsius N et al. 2016.
Oligotarsius Rarus N et al. 2016.
Tarsius Storr, 1780. (Долгопяты Сторр, 1780)
"Tarsius" sirindhornae Chaimanee et al. 2011.
"Tarsius" eocaenus beard et al. 1994.
Xanthorhysis Beard, 1998. (Xanthorhysis Борода, 1998)
Xanthorhysis tabrumi beard, 1998.

2.3. Haplorhini Afrotarsiidae
Asian Chaimanee et al. 2012.
Asian djijidae Chaimanee et al. 2012.
Afrotarsius Simons & Bown, 1985.
Afrotarsius chatrathi Simons & Bown, 1985.
Afrotarsius libycus Jaeger et al. 2010.

2.4. Haplorhini Eosimiidae
Eosimias beard et al. 1994.
Eosimias sinensis beard et al. 1994.
Centennicus Eosimias beard et al. 1996.
Bahinia Jaeger et al. 1999.
Bahinia banyueae Lee et al. 2016.
Bahinia pondaungensis Jaeger et al. 1999.
Marivaux Phileosimias, Antoine, Baqri, Benammi, and Chaimanee 2005.
Phileosimias By brahuiorum, Antoine, Baqri, Benammi, and Chaimanee 2005.
Phileosimias By Kamali, Antoine, Baqri, Benammi, and Chaimanee 2005.
Phenacopithecus beard and Wang, 2004.
Phenacopithecus krishtalkai beard and Wang, 2004.
Phenacopithecus xueshii beard and Wang, 2004.

2.5. Haplorhini Simiiformes, incertae Sedis. (Simiiformes, incertae Седи)
Amphipithecidae Godino, Representative, 1994.
Pondaungia Pilgrim, 1927. (Pondaungia Пилигрим, 1927)
Pondaungia cotteri pilgrim, 1927.
Amphipithecus Colbert, 1937. (Amphipithecus Кольбер, 1937)
Mogaungensis Amphipithecus Colbert, 1937.
Krabia Chaimanee et al. 2013.
Krabia minute Chaimanee et al. 2013.
Siamopithecus Chaimanee et al. 1997.
Siamopithecus eocaenus Chaimanee et al. 1997.
Proteopithecidae Simons, 1997. (Proteopithecidae Симонс, 1997)
Proteopithecus Simons, 1989. (Proteopithecus Симонс, 1989)
Proteopithecus Sylviae Simons, 1989.
Serapia Simons, 1992. (Serapia Симонс, 1992)
Serapia Eocaena Simons, 1992.
Parapithecidae Schlosser, 1911. (Parapithecidae Шлоссер, 1911)
Arsinoea Simons, 1992. (Arsinoea Симонс, 1992)
Kallimos Arsinoea Simons, 1992.
Apidium Osborn, 1908. (Apidium Осборна, 1908)
Apidium Bowni Simons, 1995.
Moustafai Apidium Simons, 1962.
Apidium phiomense Osborn, 1908.
Parapithecus Schlosser, 1910. (Parapithecus Шлоссер, 1910)
Parapithecus Grangeri Simons, 1974.
Parapithecus fraasi Schlosser, 1910.
Qatrania Simons & Kay, 1983.
Wingi Qatrania Simons & Kay, 1983.
Fleaglei Qatrania Simons & Kay, 1988.
Biretia Bonis et al. 1988.
Biretia megalopsis Seiffert et al. 2005.
Biretia fayumensis Seiffert et al. 2005.
Biretia piveteaui Bonis et al. 1988.

2.6. Haplorhini Platyrrhini
Branisella Hoffstetter, 1969.
Bolivian Branisella Hoffstetter, 1969.
Platyrrhini, incertae Sedis. (Platyrrhini, incertae Седи)
Xenothrix Williams & Koopman 1952.
Xenothrix mcgregori Williams & Koopman 1952.
Pitheciinae Mivart, 1865.
Atelidae Gray, 1825. (Atelidae Серый, 1825)
Tribus: Callicebini. (Трибус: Callicebini)
Antillothrix bernensis Rimoli, 1977.
Antillothrix McPhee et al. 1995.
Paralouatta varonai Rivero & Arredondo, 1991.
Paralouatta marianae.
Paralouatta Rivero & Arredondo, 1991.
Tribus: Pitheciini. (Трибус: Pitheciini)
Soriacebus Fleagle et al. 1987.
Soriacebus adrianae Fleagle, 1990.
Soriacebus ameghinorum Fleagle et al. 1987.
Proteropithecia neuquenensis Kay et al. 1998.
Proteropithecia Kay et al. 1999.
Cebupithecia Stirton & Savage, 1951.
Cebupithecia sarmientoi Stirton & savage, 1951.
Nuciruptor Meldrum & Kay, 1997.
Rubricae Nuciruptor Meldrum & Kay, 1997.
Homunculus patagonicus Imagine, 1891.
Tribus: Homunculini. (Трибус: Homunculini)
Homunculus Imagine, 1891. (Гомункул Представьте, 1891)
Carlocebus Inter Fleagle, 1990.
Carlocebus carmenensis Fleagle, 1990.
Carlocebus Fleagle, 1990.
Stirtonia Hershkovitz, 1970. (Stirtonia Хершковиц, 1970)
Atelinae Gray, 1825. (Atelinae Серый, 1825)
Stirtonia victoriae Kay et al. 1987.
Tribus: Alouattini. (Трибус: Alouattini)
Stirtonia tatacoensis Stirton, 1951.
Caipora Cartelle & Hartwig, 1996.
Tribus: Atelini. (Трибус: Atelini)
Caipora bambuiorum Cartelle & Hartwig, 1996.
Atelinae, incertae Sedis. (Atelinae, incertae Седи)
Protopithecus brasiliensis Lund, 1838.
Protopithecus Lund, 1838. (Protopithecus Лунд, 1838)
Cebidae Bonaparte, 1831. (Cebidae Бонапарт, 1831)
Tribus: Saimiriini. (Трибус: Saimiriini)
Cebinae Bonaparte, 1831. (Cebinae Бонапарт, 1831)
Fieldsi Neosaimiri Stirton, 1951.
Neosaimiri Stirton, 1951.
Laventiana Rosenberger et al. 1991.
Laventiana annectens Rosenberger et al. 1991.
Gaimanensis Dolichocebus Kraglievich, 1951.
Dolichocebus Kraglievich, 1951.
Chilecebus carrascoensis Flynn & al, 1995.
Cebinae, incertae Sedis. (Cebinae, incertae Седи)
Chilecebus Flynn & al, 1995.
Killikaike blakei Tejedor et al., 2006.
Killikaike Tejedor et al., 2006.
Aotinae Elliot, 1913. (Aotinae Эллиот, 1913)
Aotus Illiger, 1811.
Aotus dindensis Setoguchi & Rosenberger, 1987.
Aotinae, incertae Sedis. (Aotinae, incertae Седи)
Tremacebus Hershkovitz, 1974. (Tremacebus Хершковиц, 1974)
Of Tremacebus harringtoni Rusconi, 1933.
Mohanamico hershkovitzi dust et al. 1986.
Callitrichinae Thomas, 1903. (Callitrichinae Томас, 1903)
Mohanamico dust et al. 1986.
Tribus: Callimiconi. (Трибус: Callimiconi)
Callitrichinae, incertae Sedis. (Callitrichinae, incertae Седи)
Patasola Magdalenae Kay & Meldrum, 1997.
Patasola Kay & Meldrum, 1997.
Conclutatus Lagonimico Kay, 1994.
Lagonimico Kay, 1994. (Lagonimico Кей, 1994)
Micodon kiotensis Setoguchi & Rosenberger, 1985.
Micodon Setoguchi & Rosenberger, 1985.

2.7. Haplorhini Catarrhini, incertae Sedis. (Узконосая обезьяна, incertae Седи)
Limnopithecus Hopwood, 1933. (Хопвуд Limnopithecus, 1933)
Limnopithecus legetet Hopwood, 1933.
The McInnes Limnopithecus evansi, 1943.
Kalepithecus Harrison, 1988. (Kalepithecus Гаррисон, 1988)
Kalepithecus kogolensis Pickford et al. 2017.
Songhorensis Kalepithecus Andrews, 1978.
Kamoyapithecus Leakey et al. 1995.
Kamoyapithecus hamiltoni Madden, 1980.
Kogolepithecus Pickford et al. 2003.
Kogolepithecus morotoensis Pickford et al. 2003.

2.8. Haplorhini Propliothecoidea
Oligopithecidae Kay & Williams, 1994.
Catopithecus Simons, 1989. (Catopithecus Симонс, 1989)
Brownish Catopithecus Simons, 1989.
Oligopithecus Simons, 1962. (Oligopithecus Симонс, 1962)
Oligopithecus Savagei Simons, 1962.
Oligopithecus rogeri Gheerbrant et al. 1995.
Talahpithecus Jaeger Et. Al., 2010.
Talahpithecus Parvus Jaeger Et. Al., 2010.
Propliopithecidae Straus, 1961. (Propliopithecidae Страус, 1961)
Moeripithecus Schlosser, 1910. (Moeripithecus Шлоссер, 1910)
Moeripithecus markgrafi Schlosser, 1910.
Propliopithecus Schlosser, 1910. (Propliopithecus Шлоссер, 1910)
Propliopithecus ankeli Simons et al. 1987.
Propliopithecus haeckeli Schlosser, 1910.
Chirobates Propliopithecus Simons, 1965.
Aegyptopithecus Simons, 1965. (Египтопитек Симонс, 1965)
Zeuxis aegyptopithecus Simons, 1965.

2.9. Haplorhini Pliopithecoidea
Pliopithecidae Zapfe, 1960.
Lomorupithecus harrisoni Russia and MacLatchy 2006.
Rossi Lomorupithecus and MacLatchy 2006.
Shuangouensis Dionysopithecus Lee, 1978.
Dionysopithecus Lee, 1978. (Dionysopithecus Ли, 1978)
Dionysopithecus East Suteethorn et al. 1990.
Jianghuaiensis Platodontopithecus Lee, 1978.
Platodontopithecus Lee, 1978. (Platodontopithecus Ли, 1978)
Epipliopithecus vindobonensis Zapfe & Hurzeler 1957.
Epipliopithecus Zapfe & Hurzeler 1957.
Pliopithecus platyodon Bidermann, 1863.
Antiquus Pliopithecus Gervais, 1849.
Pliopithecus Gervais, 1849. (Pliopithecus Жерве, 1849)
Pliopithecus piveteaui of Hurzeler, 1954.
Pliopithecus zhanxiangi Harrison et al., 1991.
Egarapithecus Moya-Sola et al. 2001.
Egarapithecus narcisoi Moya-Sola et al. 2001.
Rhodanica Plesiopliopithecus Ginsburg & Mein, 1980.
Plesiopliopithecus priensis Welcomme et al. 1991.
Plesiopliopithecus lockeri Zapfe, 1961.
Plesiopliopithecus auscitanensis Bergounioux & Crouzel, 1965.
Plesiopliopithecus Zapfe, 1961.
Crouzeliinae Ginsburg & Mein, 1980.
Anapithecus Kretzoi, 1975. (Kretzoi Anapithecus, 1975)
Hernyaki Anapithecus Kretzoi, 1975.
Laccopithecus Wu And Pan, 1984.
Laccopithecus of robustus Wu and Pan, 1984.
Pliopithecoidea, incertae Sedis. (Pliopithecoidea, incertae Седи)
Paidopithex Pohlig, 1895.
Paidopithex rhenanus Pohlig, 1895.

2.10. Haplorhini Dendropithecoidea
Dendropithecidae Harrison, 2002. (Dendropithecidae Харрисон, 2002)
Dendropithecus Andrews & Simons, 1977.
Dendropithecus ugandensis Pickford et al. 2010.
Dendropithecus macinnesi Le Gros Clark & Leakey, 1950.
Micropithecus Fleagle & Simons, 1978.
Micropithecus leakeyorum Harrison, 1989.
Micropithecus clarki Fleagle & Simons, 1978.
Simiolus Leakey & Leakey, 1987.
Simiolus baby Rossi & hill, 2018.
Enjiessi Simiolus Leakey & Leakey, 1987.
Simiolus cheptumoae Pickford & Kunimatsu 2005.
Simiolus Andrewsi Harrison 2010.

2.11. Haplorhini Saadanioidea
Saadaniidae Zalmout et al. 2010.
Saadanius Zalmout et al. 2010.
Saadanius hijazensis Zalmout et al. 2010.

2.12. Haplorhini Cercopithecoidea
Nsungwepithecus Stevens et al. 2013.
Nsungwepithecus gunnelli Stevens et al. 2013.
Victoriapithecidae von koenigswald, 1969.
Victoriapithecus von koenigswald, 1969.
Victoriapithecus Macinnesi von koenigswald, 1969.
Prohylobates Fourtau, 1918.
Prohylobates tandyi Fourtau, 1918.
Prohylobates Simonsi Delson, 1979.
Noropithecus Miller et al. 2009.
Noropithecus bulukensis Miller et al. 2009.
Tugenensis Microcolobus benefit & Pickford, 1986.
Cercopithecidae Gray, 1821. (Cercopithecidae Серый, 1821)
Microcolobus Benefit & Pickford, 1986.
Colobinae Jernon, 1867.
Tribus: Colobini. (Трибус: Colobini)
M. G. turkanaensis Rhinocolobus Leakey, 1982.
G. M. Rhinocolobus Leakey, 1982.
Mesopithecus Wagner, 1839. (Mesopithecus Вагнер, 1839)
Mesopithecus Pentelicus Wagner, 1839.
Mesopithecus monspessulanus Gervais, 1849.
Colobinae, incertae Sedis. (Colobinae, incertae Седи)
Mesopithecus sivalensis Lydekker, 1878.
Myanmarcolobus yawensis Takai et al, 2015.
Myanmarcolobus Takai et al, 2015.
Rhinopithecus lantianensis Hu & Qi, 1978.
Rhinopithecus E. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1812.
Genus: Rhinopithecus E. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1812.
Dolichopithecus Deperet, 1889. (Deperet Dolichopithecus, 1889)
Dolichopithecus ruscinensis Deperet, 1889.
Libypithecus Stromer, 1913.
Libypithecus markgrafi Stromer, 1913.
He Desmarest, 1822. (Он Демаре, 1822)
He gwebinnensis Takai et al, 2016.
Parapresbytis Kalmykov & Mashchenko, 1992.
Parapresbytis eohanuman Borissoglebskaya, 1981.
Kimeui Cercopithecoides M. G. Leakey, 1982.
Cercopithecoides Mollett, 1947. (Mollett Cercopithecoides, 1947)
Cercopithecoides williamsi Mollett, 1947.
Paracolobus mutiwa M. G. Leakey, 1969.
Paracolobus R. E. F. Leakey, 1969.
Paracolobus chemeroni R. E. F. Leakey, 1969.
Subtribus: Macanina.
Macaca Anderssoni Schlosser, 1924.
Macaca libyca Stromer, 1920.
? Macaca palaeindicus Lydekker, 1884.
Cercopithecinae Gray, 1821. (Cercopithecinae Серый, 1821)
Lasped Macaca, 1799.
Macaca jiangchuanensis pan et al. 1992.
Tribus: Papionini. (Трибус: Papionini)
Macaca Majori Schaub & Azzaroli in Comaschi Caria, 1969 sometimes included in M. Sylvanus.
Procynocephalus Schlosser, 1924. (Procynocephalus Шлоссер, 1924)
Subhimalayanus von Meyer Procynocephalus, 1848.
Procynocephalus wimani Schlosser, 1924.
Paradolichopithecus Necrasov et al. 1961.
Paradolichopithecus arvernensis Deperet, 1929.
Subtribus: Papionina.
Parapapio I broom, 1940.
Parapapio Hopwood slyly, 1936.
Parapapio Broomi Jones, 1937.
Parapapio Jones, 1937. (Parapapio Джонс, 1937)
Parapapio jonesi broom, 1940.
Lothagamensis Parapapio Leakey, Teaford, and ward, 2003.
Procercocebus antiquus Haughton, 1925.
Procercocebus Gilbert 2007. (Procercocebus Гилберт 2007)
Dinopithecus ingens broom, 1937.
Dinopithecus Broom, 1937. (Dinopithecus Веник, 1937)
Main Gorgopithecus broom, 1940.
Gorgopithecus Broom And Robinson, 1946.
Omopithecus Theropithecus brumpti Arambourg, 1947.
Theropithecus I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1843.
Theropithecus Oswaldi Andrews, 1916.
Theropithecus darti broom & Jensen, 1946.
Genus: Theropithecus Delson, 1993.
Theropithecus Omopithecus baringensis R. E. F. Leakey, 1969.
Subgenus: Omopithecus Delson, 1993.
Soromandrillus Gilbert, 2013. (Soromandrillus Гилберт, 2013)
Soromandrillus quadratirostris Iwamoto, 1982.
Pontifical College axons robinsoni Freedman, 1957.
Pontifical College axons izodi gear, 1926.
Papio Erxleben, 1777. (Папском Колледже Аксоны Erxleben, 1777)

2.13. Haplorhini This body. (Это тело)
This body, incertae Sedis.
Otavipithecus Conroy et al. 1992.
Otavipithecus namibiensis Conroy et al. 1992.
Proconsulidae Leakey, 1963. (Proconsulidae Лики, 1963)
Proconsulinae Leakey, 1963. (Proconsulinae Лики, 1963)
Ekembo McNulty et al. 2015.
Ekembo nyanzae Le Gros Clark & Leakey, 1950.
Ekembo heseloni Walker et al. 1993.
Proconsul Hopwood, 1933. (Проконсул Хопвуд, 1933)
Gitongai proconsul Pickford and Kunimatsu 2005.
Proconsul major Le Gros Clark & Leakey, 1950.
Proconsul meswae Harrison and Andrews, 2009.
The African proconsul Hopwood, 1933.
Nyanzapithecinae Harrison, 2002. (Nyanzapithecinae Харрисон, 2002)
Nyanzapithecus Harrison, 1986. (Nyanzapithecus Гаррисон, 1986)
Nyanzapithecus Alesi Nengo, Tafforeau, Gilbert, Fleagle, Miller, Feibel, Fox, Feinberg, drink, Berruyer, Mana, angle, Spur 2017.
Nyanzapithecus harrisoni Kunimatsu, 1997.
Nyanzapithecus Pickfordi Harrison, 1986.
Vancouveringorum Nyanzapithecus Andrews, 1974.
Mabokopithecus von koenigswald, 1969.
Mabokopithecus Clarki von koenigswald, 1969.
Oreopithecus Gervais, 1872. (Oreopithecus Жерве, 1872)
Oreopithecus bamboli Gervais, 1872.
Rukwapithecus Stevens et al., 2013.
Rukwapithecus fleaglei Stevens et al. 2013.
Rangwapithecus Andrews, 1974. (Rangwapithecus Эндрюс, 1974)
Rangwapithecus Gordoni Andrews, 1974.
Turkanapithecus Leakey & Leakey, 1986.
Kalakolensis Turkanapithecus Leakey & Leakey, 1986.
Pliobates Alba et al. 2015.
Pliobatidae Alba et al. 2015.
Pliobates cataloniae Alba et al. 2015.
Griphopithecus alpani Tekkaya, 1974.
Afropithecidae Begun, 2002. (Afropithecidae Началась, 2002)
Griphopithecinae Begun, 2002. (Griphopithecinae Началась, 2002)
Griphopithecus Suessi Abel, 1902.
Griphopithecus Abel, 1902. (Griphopithecus Абель, 1902)
Afropithecinae Andrews, 1992. (Afropithecinae Эндрюс, 1992)
Afropithecus Turkanensis Leakey & Leakey, 1986.
Afropithecus Leakey & Leakey, 1986.
Heliopithecus Andrews & Martin, 1987.
Heliopithecus leakeyi Andrews & Martin, 1987.
Nacholapithecus Ishida et al., 1999.
Nacholapithecus kerioi Ishida et al. 1999.
Equatorius africanus Le Gros Clark and Leaky, 1950.
Equatorius ward et al. 1999.
The Hominidae Gray, 1825.
Kenyapithecus Wickeri Leakey, 1962.
Kenyapithecus Leakey, 1962. (Кениапитеки Лики, 1962)
Kenyapithecinae Leakey, 1962. (Kenyapithecinae Лики, 1962)
Ponginae Elliot, 1913. (Ponginae Эллиот, 1913)
Sivapithecus parvada Kelley, 1988.
Sivapithecus sivalensis Lydekker, 1879.
Sivapithecus Pilgrim, 1910. (Sivapithecus Пилигрим, 1910)
Indicus Sivapithecus Pilgrim, 1910.
Gigantopithecus von koenigswald 1935.
Gigantopithecus giganteus Pilgrim, 1915.
Black I gigantopithecus von koenigswald 1935.
Ankarapithecus meteai Asansol, 1965.
Ankarapithecus Asansol, 1965. (Ankarapithecus Асансол, 1965)
Lufengpithecus Wu, 1987. (Lufengpithecus Ву, 1987)
Lufengpithecus lufengensis xu et al. 1978.
Lufengpithecus hudiensis Zhang et al. 1987.
Lufengpithecus chiangmuanensis Chaimanee et al., 2003.
Lufengpithecus keiyuanensis Wu 1957.
Ouranopithecus Bonis & Melentis, 1977.
Homininae Gray, 1825. (Homininae Серый, 1825)
Ouranopithecus macedoniensis Бонис & Melentis, 1977.
Dryopithecini Gregory & Hellman, 1939.
Rudapithecus hungaricus Kretzoi, 1969.
Rudapithecus Kretzoi, 1969. (Kretzoi Rudapithecus, 1969)
Hispanopithecus crusafonti begun 1992.
Hispanopithecus Villalta & Crusafont, 1944.
Hispanopithecus laietanus Villalta & Crusafont, 1944.
Pierolapithecus Moya-Sola, 2004. (Pierolapithecus Мойя-Сола, 2004)
Pierolapithecus catalaunicus Мойя-Сола, 2004.
Anoiapithecus Мойя-Сола и соавт., 2009.
Anoiapithecus brevirostris Moya-Sola et al. 2009.
Dryopithecus wuduensis Xue & Delson, 1988.
Dryopithecus Lartet, 1856.
Dryopithecus Фонтани Lartet, 1856.
Nakalipithecus Kunimatsu и соавт. 2007.
Nakalipthecus nakayamai Kunimatsu et al. 2007.
Neopithecus Abel, 1902. (Neopithecus Абель, 1902)
Neopithecus brancoi Шлоссер, 1901.
Samburupithecus Ishida & Pickford, 1997.
Samburupithecus kiptalami Ishida & Pickford, 1997.
Chororapithecus abyssinicus Suwa et al. 2007.
Chororapithecus Suwa et al., 2007.
Graecopithecus Freybergi von koenigswald, 1972.
Graecopithecus von koenigswald, 1972.
Hominini. (Гоминины)
Sahelanthropus tchadensis Brunet et al., 2002.
Sahelanthropus Brunet et al., 2002.
Orrorin tugenensis Senut et al., 2001.
Orrorin Сенат и соавт., 2001.
Ардипитека ramidus белый и соавт., 1994.
Ардипитека kadabba. (Of ardipithecus kadabba)
Ардипитека белый и соавт., 1995.
Australopithecus africanus Dart, 1925.
Австралопитека Australopithecus anamensis Лики и соавт., 1995.
Australopithecus Dart, 1925 - paraphyletic in respect to Paranthropus and Homo.
Australopithecus avarskikh Johansson et al. 1978.
Австралопитек если Бергер и соавт., 2010.
Австралопитек гархи Асфо и соавт., 1999.
Australopithecus bahrelghazali Brunet et al., 1995.
Парантропа aethiopicus Arambourg & Коппенс, 1968.
Paranthropus boisei Leakey, 1959.
Paranthropus Broom, 1938. (Парантропа Веник, 1938)
Парантропа робустуса веник, 1938.
Homo antecessor Bermudez de Castro et al., 1997.
Homo erectus Dubois, 1892.
Homo luzonensis Detroit et al., 2019.
У Homo ergaster рощи & Мазак, 1975.
Homo gautengensis Curnoe, 2010.
Homo neanderthalensis King, 1864.
Гомо Линней, 1758. (Homo Linnaeus, 1758)
Homo floresiensis P. Brown et al., 2004.
Homo cepranensis Mallegni et al., 2003.
Homo ice Berger et al. 2015.
Homo rhodesiensis Woodward, 1921.
Homo heidelbergensis Schoetensack, 1908.
Homo habilis Leakey et al., 1964.
Homo rudolfensis Alexeev, 1986.
Кениантропа Лики и соавт., 2001.
Kenyanthropus platyops Leakey et al. 2001.

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fossil teeth and bone fragments of Eocene mammals. Among these are early primates and horses. Coal mining for the railroad led to the settlement of the
flying primate hypothesis is that megabats, a subgroup of Chiroptera also known as flying foxes form an evolutionary sister group of primates The hypothesis

Sirenia Sea Cow The Fayoum primates The Lower sequence primates Oligopithecus savagei Qatrania wingi The upper sequence primates Catopithecus browni Proteopitheus
Monkey Beds are the richest site for fossil primates in South America. It has been argued that the monkeys of the Honda Group were living in habitat
Monkey Beds are the richest site for fossil primates in South America. It has been argued that the monkeys of the Honda Group were living in habitat
an age of 20.93 0.17 Ma, of the Panama Canal Zone. Primates portal Paleontology portal Prehistoric mammals portal List of fossil primates of Central
Living Fossil is a science fiction story by American writer L. Sprague de Camp, on the concepts of human extinction and future evolution. It was first
Monkey Beds are the richest site for fossil primates in South America. It has been argued that the monkeys of the Honda Group were living in habitat
Divergence Times and the Evolutionary Radiation of New World Monkeys Platyrrhini, Primates An Analysis of Fossil and Molecular Data. PLOS One 8. 1 16. Accessed
releases. A brief summary of some of the fossils found at the site follows: Early primate fossils Nine mating pairs of fossil turtles have been found.
ago. The following is the listing of the various platyrrhine families, and their placement in the Order Primates Order Primates Suborder Strepsirrhini:
Monkey Beds are the richest site for fossil primates in South America. It has been argued that the monkeys of the Honda Group were living in habitat
of Colombian and other South American primates Fossils of Mohanamico were discovered in the Monkey Beds of the Honda Group, that has been dated to