Lyon – Mont Verdun Air Base

Lyon – Mont Verdun Air Base is located to the northwest of Lyon. It is a center for air defense operations transferred to the site from the now-deactivated headquarters of the French Air Force at Taverny Air Base – BA921 near Paris, with an underground alternate strategic command center hardened against chemical and nuclear attack.
The location includes the South Sector Operations Center of the Commandement de la Defense Aerienne et des Operations Aeriennes CDAOA or Air Defense and Operations Command, which is connected to NATOs Air Command and Control System ACCS.


Fort Mont Verdun is the biggest highlight of the second belt of Forts around Lyon and is the only one considered to be a mountain fort. It rests at 630
on Lyon - Mont Verdun Air Base Base aerienne 942 Capitaine Robert at the city of Lyon with the tactical Rambert radar CDC 05.943 Nice Mont Agel
Air Base 721 Rochefort. Home of the NCO school, the Ecole de formation des sous - officiers de l armee de l air Air Base 942 Lyon - Mont Verdun Air defence
Operations Exterieures - CMOE A similar Air Force facility exists northwest of Lyon at BA942 Lyon - Mont Verdun The French Navy s counterpart facility
moved on 26 September 2007 from Taverny to Air Base 942 Lyon Mont Verdun under Mount Verdun Lyon - Mont Verdun was originally a secondary operations centre
843, by the Treaty of Verdun Lyon went to the Holy Roman Emperor Lothair I. It later was made part of the Kingdom of Arles. Lyon did not come under French
ouvrage was captured. The ouvrage and Fortress Mont Agel are occupied by Nice Air Base of the French Air Force and feature a prominent set of radomes.
Pierre - sur - Haute station is controlled by the French Air Force and is a subsidiary of the Lyon Mont Verdun Air Base 80 km 50 mi from the station. It is one
second belt of fortifications around Lyon which also includes Fort de Vancia, Fort de Feyzin and Fort du Mont Verdun Its history is linked to the Franco - Prussian
Simulation for the Preparation of Air Operations Centre of Excellence CASPOA COE in Lyon Mont Verdun Air Base France The Civil - Military Cooperation
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