Government-related organizations

Non - governmental organizations also known as NGOs, nongovernmental organizations or nongovernment organizations are organizations independent of any
individual countries. The technical term international organizations describes intergovernmental organizations IGOs and include groups such as the United Nations
Intergovernmental Organizations IGOs in order to clarify the distinction from International nongovernmental organizations INGOs which are non - governmental organizations
Organization of World Heritage Cities Arab Towns Organization League of Historical Cities List of intergovernmental organizations Tertiary government
List of LGBT - related organizations and conferences. For organizations affiliated with political parties, please see List of LGBT organizations that affiliate
organizations have governance, the word government is often used more specifically to refer to the approximately 200 independent national governments
addition to tribal councils and special - purpose service organizations bands may form larger organizations The largest is the Assembly of First Nations, which
and strengthen departmental management. To better organization related or overlapping governmental activities through interdepartmental transfers. To
Bibliography of Prem Rawat and related organizations lists bibliographical material regarding Prem Rawat and organizations like Divine Light Mission, Elan
audits of government organizations programs, activities, and functions, and of government assistance received by contractors, nonprofit organizations and

subsequent regimes, guidelines related to human rights and political freedoms, the structure of the economy, government institutions, and international
The Government Pharmaceutical Organization GPO Thai: องค การเภส ชกรรม RTGS: ong kan phesatchakam is a Thai state enterprise which manufactures pharmaceutical
governmental, quasi - governmental or non - governmental entities. Quasi - and non - governmental standards organizations are often non - profit organizations Broadly
open government finds its strongest advocates in non - governmental organizations keen to counter what they see as the inherent tendency of government to
cases may have obstacles from other organizations ex: MLK s organization but what makes an organization an organization is not the paperwork that makes
derive from a grant of authority from the government In United States securities law, a self - regulatory organization is a defined term. The principal federal
foundations, research institutions, and universities, in addition to governmental organizations such as the NIH, EMA, etc. Many CROs specifically provide clinical - study
list of recognized higher education related accreditation organizations The list includes agencies and organizations that play a role in higher education
associated organizations around the globe working towards the establishment of a federated world government The U.S. member organization is Citizens
This is a list of government - sponsored investigations or reports related to UFOs. Operação Prato Project Magnet GEPAN SEPRA GEIPAN Institute 22 Flying
and not - for - profit organizations generate is used differently. Nonprofit organizations return any extra income to the organization Not - for - profits use
coordinating civilian issues between the Government of Israel, the Israel Defense Forces, international organizations diplomats, and the Palestinian Authority

This is a list of higher education associations and organizations in Canada. These are groups relevant to the structure of higher education in Canada
environment. The organization may be a charity, a trust, a non - governmental organization or a government organization Environmental organizations can be global
front organizations Deendar Anjuman Dukhtaran - E - Millat DEM Garo National Liberation Army GNLA all its formations and front organizations
financed by government bodies. As its name suggests, a quango is a hybrid form of organization with elements of both non - government organizations NGOs and
List of government - owned companies Public sector undertakings in Kerala List of Kerala State Government Organizations Tamil Nadu Government Laws Rules
The government agencies in Sweden are state - controlled organizations that act independently to carry out the policies of the Government of Sweden. The
of Metropolitan Planning Organizations PDF Staffing and Administrative Structure of Metropolitan Planning Organizations CUTR FHWA. Retrieved 2011 - 09 - 15
Standards Day every year with the collaboration of PSQCA and other organizations related to consumer rights protection, to create consumer awareness against